79 CB750 - Starting issues, carburettor?

Ultrasonic arrived today. Timing was impeccable as I already had the day off and tomorrow is a public holiday

Here’s a shot of the airbox and carbs I picked up on the weekend.


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Ultrasonic seemed to have done a good job getting some of the varnish off
Blasted all the air circuits with cleaner and polished the float seats

Didn’t have time to piece everything back together today, but it’s getting close now


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I really need to buy one of those...
Reasonably inexpensive, as loose chain mentioned earlier, I see the appeal to getting a bigger one.
I got the 10L and did 3 separate loads so it wasn’t too crowded.
I’ve still got one more clean to go.
Here’s a photo for size comparison


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That picture is worth a ton! Ive been trying to determine what size is best and the measurements online don't help. Looks like the 20L would for all 4 carbs. Do you think that's right?
Yes with the 20 liter one you can do all the carbs and parts at the same time. One thing I found was it took a long time to heat up. The second time I used it I started with hot water from the tap and it didn't take long to get it to full heat. You can start the cleaning process while it is coming up to full temp.