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Hi, I have bought a CB750k1 1971 US Model, I have not ridden the bike yet! But have noticed after commissioning the bike that there is a leak from carb on cylinder 1, I think it is assembly A. I believe the part number is 16100300024. I believe the part is obsolete, do you know how I might be able to get a replacement or identify the root cause, we have tried everything. Thanks
If you mean the carburetor then yes they are discontinued. Best bet would be a used one from ebay.
ThanX for adding me to the site. I am working on a '78 CB750K and I'm looking for some new hose to connect the accelerator pump between the carbs. The original hoses had brass sleeves inside the hoses to take up some volume so the nozzles will all get enough pressure when the throttle is opened. M.y local Honda shop only uses aftermarket fuel hose. Probably to save money.
HI Friends

i am new for this forum and new for Honda cb 750 k..

i have two questions on my Europe market cb750 .
my frame number is 20974##
and engine no is 23750##
what is the year of this motorcycle and what k is it ?
what are the original colours for this model ?

thanks to all in advance
Hi, Gene here from SoCal. Looking to get back into motorcycling after a long absence. Grew up riding dirt bikes in the Southern California desert, started when I was 13. Rode Kawasaki's, Suzuki's, Ossa's and Bultaco. My street bikes included a Honda 550-4 and a Suzuki 500 2-stroke twin.
Looking for a stock 750 in good condition, a sohc or dohc is ok.