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Reinstalling Airbox on 79 DOHC


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So I'm mildly considering tracking down an airbox and reinstalling it, however at least in the manual I've got I don't see much information about what holds it on. Does it just hang off the carbs by the boots? What else will I need to go with it? Do I need side covers or anything else? Also after diving into the carbs it's pretty apparent they could use a complete rebuild. The floats are nasty, the gaskets are on their way out, a stopper is missing, and it seems the linkages have had some kind of teflon tape used on them (I'm assuming that's not normal and was used to seal leaks).

Does anyone have photos of an airbox in use on a bike that's otherwise pretty stripped down? The bike in question is in my profile pic, it's a FB marketplace rescue I've been working on.

I'm trying to add up the potential costs of rebuild, plus airbox, plus hardware, jets, and whatever else I need, and comparing the swing math to selling these carbs on ebay and getting the Mikuni's.
I'd refer to it as a slot more than a hole. The fastener is a single M6 flange bolt that goes into a bracket on top of the airbox, and through the slot. It's a slot to allow for manufacturing variations in the length of the airbox boots and carb insulators.

That's the only fastener holding the airbox in place other than the boots and clamps. You tighten it up after all the boots and clamps are in place and tight.
Brilliant, thank you both. I did spot the bolt location in an eBay pic after knowing what to look for. I did some ridiculous swing math to justify myself and I'm going to sell these carbs and upgrade lol : )