1980 Honda cb750k rev and carb problems with smoke


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Hi, I am new to automotive work I am 21 years old and bought a 1980 Honda CB750k it runs and hits top gear. there are a few issues with it, 1.) Gas slowly leaks from carb it drips slowly. 2.) the engine seems to be smoking while running it when it gets hotter and sits still, maybe just the gas dripping on it and making it smoke? (I attached a little video showing the smoke) 3.) the muffler periodically makes a spitting sound almost as if something is clogged. 4.) the last problem is when I am driving it fast and let go of the throttle it still stays revved as if I'm hitting the gas, and sometimes the throttle is very delayed when I accelerate.
I have an assortment of parts I am going to install and my question is, with these parts I am about to list should that fix my problems, or is there something else probably wrong, And I need to buy another part to put on?
*4 carb rebuild kits including all o rings screws etc.. for a complete carb cleaning and rebuild
*New stock oil filter with o-rings spring and washer set
*New fuel valve switch
*4 new spark plugs and caps for them along with new wire for each one
*New stock air filter
While those things will likely help there is absolutely no way to guarantee you good result there. For a novice you picked one of the worst bikes you could have to learn engine performance on, they give super trouble even to well trained people. You are literally asking for the 500 page book there.

I'd fix that carb, you could easily get a fire from that.