1. C

    '80 Super Sport Starter, Reduction Gear, Starting Clutch

    I recently purchased a '80 Super Sport that has been sitting for four years. Rebuilt the carbs, new battery, new spark plugs, and tried to start it. At first I had some trouble getting it to turn over and thought I broke the starter because all i could hear was a beep/squeak coming from it...
  2. N

    1980 Honda cb750k rev and carb problems with smoke

    Hi, I am new to automotive work I am 21 years old and bought a 1980 Honda CB750k it runs and hits top gear. there are a few issues with it, 1.) Gas slowly leaks from carb it drips slowly. 2.) the engine seems to be smoking while running it when it gets hotter and sits still, maybe just the gas...
  3. P

    Clutch very stiff and won't disengage

    Newbie here. Read all the posts in the clutch section. Still Stuck. Great help out there and hope my error can be pointed out to me. I have a 82 CB900F with supposedly 29,000 Km on it. Looks like a rough life and been down a few times. Engine now running okay after total clean and rebuild of...
  4. V

    Clutch replacement

    Does anyone know if you have to remove the center nut in order to replace the friction plates on a 95 Nighthawk CB750?
  5. C

    1983 CB650 Gear Lash

    Howdy, Bought a new (to me) 83 650. Overall really pleased with the shape that it's in. However, I noticed a large amount of gear lash, as in the rear wheel rotated about three to four inches between positive lock-up with an engagement surface someplace in the transmission. Makes it a little...
  6. U

    Clutch not dis engaging

    Ok,it’s been at least a year since I have had my bike running. Just cleaned carbs. I was going to take it for a test, but the clutch is not disengaging. When i have clutch in and put into 1st, it just lurches forward and kills. Clutch not working. It’s like popping the clutch at idle. This has...
  7. M

    Stiff clutch??

    hello guys new member here. I have a 1981 CB750 Custom Cafe Racer Last year the clutch was slipping hard so i knew it was going to need a clutch soon. while moving around in the garage i pressed the clutch and heard a snap!! thinking what ever probably the cable snapped or stretched. than there...
  8. G

    Clutch Lifter Plate

    Hey guys! Working on a 1980 F supersport. Just replaced the clutch, and having a problem getting the lifter plate set right. The manual says to "attach plate with 4 bolts and tighten". No torque spec and nothing about how tight against the springs. The 1980 has no notches on the posts for the...
  9. Z

    Can't remove valve shims on intake side, too tight to measure clearance

    Hey all, new to the forum, just picked up an 82 cb750c last spring and tuning it up for use this summer. I'm checking the valve clearances per the service manual, and exhaust is all nicely between .003" and .005", but intake are all tighter than .0015" (smallest feeler), and I can't use the...
  10. J

    Number of Plates and Disks

    Hi! Just opened up the clutch on my K5 to find 7 friction disks and 5 plates. I’m guessing, becuses I don’t seem to be able to find anything anywhere, that there should be 1 less plate than disk. So the question is, has someone been in there before me and left out a plate OR put in an extra...
  11. R

    dragging clutch?

    so i'm new to all this i have recently gotten a 81 cb750 with a sidecar which is why i wanted it it hasn't run in a few years no real history i have gotten it running cleaned the carbs and the tank it really does run well my issue is when taking off in first (yes i'm in 1st) it act like i'm in...
  12. R

    Looking for CLutch pressure plate

    Been having trouble with my 72 and decided to replace clutch, pulled it apart and found the clutch pressure plate is broken :mad:. Any one know were to get one at a reasonable price of have one. Thanks - any suggestions would be appreciated OEM part number 22350-300-010 or 030
  13. 7

    Gear shift gets stuck intermittingly on downshifting, why???

    So my gear shift likes to "hang up" or gets stuck when down shifting, mainly from 2nd to 1st. It's very intermittent. So, as if I'm in 2nd, I try to down shift and it doesn't want to go in 1st, if anything, it wants to go down to neutral, if you try again, doesn't want to go into 1st. Almost...
  14. DavHJ

    Adding a Hydraulic clutch slave cylinder

    Looking to install a hydraulic clutch on my 1974 CB750K4 Resto-Mod, has anybody ever done it with any success? I know a new clutch cover will have to be made to mount the slave cylinder too and a new clutch rod. any info would be helpful. Thanks, Dave
  15. Motorhead

    Upgraded clutch springs

    Hi all, hope you're all well! After a lot of miles on it, my clutch started slipping under hard acceleration and it looks like friction plates and springs replacement is due. I intend to use OEM friction plates, as I always did. Would you recommend installing stronger clutch springs, like...
  16. Anna

    How to make your own clutch lock nut wrench (and save $200)

    I am rebuilding the engine of a 1992 CB750 and came across an odd lock nut when I got to the clutch. It's not a hex nut, it's round with four slots (see photo below). You can only remove it with a special 4-pin socket (OEM part number: 07716-0020203) that Honda is happy to sell you for $60 ...
  17. A

    Adjusting the Point at Which the Lever Engages the Clutch

    I recently picked up a CB750K2 that is in near-flawless condition. It was purchased in Italy in 1974 and has had three owners, including me. Together the first two owners put a total of only 311 miles on the bike. Because the bike sat for so long, the second owner had to put thousands into...
  18. D

    Looking for help on a clutch issue

    Greetings ya'll, I've read through the majority of threads looking for my particular issue. I'm restoring a 1975 CB750k5 and I currently have an issue with the clutch. Here's what it's doing: With the bike in gear and the clutch engaged there is no slipping = engine and gearbox connected...
  19. L

    PLease help

    Hello to all, Im having a little issue in a 1982 Honda CB750 nighthawk, the bike run great and all of the sudden when i press the clutch and shift to first gear the bike jumps and shuts off as if the clutch is not disengage, I had check everything, cables, basket, adjusted the clutch according...
  20. L

    Please help Clutch not disengaging

    Hello to all, Im having a little issue in a 1982 Honda CB750 nighthawk, the bike run great and all of the sudden when i press the clutch and shift to first gear the bike jumps and shuts off as if the clutch is not disengage, I had check everything, cables, basket, adjusted the clutch according...
  21. D

    80 CB750F clutch problem

    hi. newbe here. i'm rebuilding my 80 cb750f and it runs but is really noisy at idle. i took the clutch apart and noticed that the gear that is riveted to the basket is loose. it rocks back and forth about an eigth of an inch. i have two baskets and they are the same. is this normal? can this be...
  22. D

    Amputee shifting

    Hi all, I am a left leg amputee, who has just started riding again. First day out my leg popped off while shifting, it was a bit scary and had to get some folks to help me. I have since figured out a way to keep my leg on but it is still a bear to shift and was wondering if anyone knows a way...
  23. M


    1993 f2n clutch drags or slips when adjusted have to adjust up so far to get into gear it then slips any comes fault just got bike
  24. Pabeye

    Clutch Pull Question

    Guys, my recently acquired 1978 CB750 (15K miles) has a clutch lever that is very hard to pull........ Otherwise the clutch seems to be working fine.... The bike has not been ridden in a long time, any ideas? Thanks in advance
  25. U

    Help! Need to buy...for CB750 1982

    Hi guys, Perhaps you can help me find these parts for my bike. Engine Cap (?) 4 Cylinder Cover Plugs Leads will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  26. G

    Friction disc grooves

    I've got a new set of discs to install (ex-UK) and see some differences to what I removed. The outer disc (B?) has the angled grooves and that is the same as my original and is what the manual shows. However the other six discs also have the angled grooves whereas the originals have the straight...
  27. X

    transmission noise

    New to the Forum and find it very helpful. Just putting the finishing touches on cb750k5 with 20,000 miles and hearing transmission noise in neutral but drastically decreases when clutch is pulled in. Rode it for 5 minutes appeared fine except for the noise heard at idle . Using Castrol 10w40...
  28. M

    '75 CB750F Clutch Tool

    Hello World. Is the clutch nut (the one that requires the special tool) on the SOHC CB750 24mm? Will something like this work? Chris Thank you, Chris
  29. M

    inner and outer clutch deminsions!!!

    are there dimensions on the inner and outter clutch and center clutch the discs go in, would this cause it to jump in and out of 1st, put new clutch discs and plates and even tore motor apart and replaced 1st gear and bushing 45T, EVERYTHING ELSE LOOKED GOOD INCLUDING SHIFTING FORKS AND DOGS
  30. D

    Clutch plate "b" (22322-425-000)

    I have a 1981 CB900 Custom with 24,000 miles on it. The clutch has 6 normal steel gear plates (Clutch Plate A, Honda part 22321-425-000) and 1 unusual and at this point nearly impossible to find steel gear plate (Clutch Plate B, Honda part 22322-425-000). I have seen this referred to as the...