1. I

    Anyone want to sell an engine or head...for 1979 cb750K?

    I'm in the Midwest and could maybe pick it up if the price is right. (Maybe other years could work).
  2. E

    Crankshaft bearing replacement

    Hi everybody This is my first post, I’m from México, I’m rebuilding a CB750F 81’, I need to replace crankshaft bearings, I bought some in ebay but they’re not fit :(, so, did you replace some of those, what are fit for my engine? is there any place to buy those that could deliver to Mèxico...
  3. C

    '80 Super Sport Starter, Reduction Gear, Starting Clutch

    I recently purchased a '80 Super Sport that has been sitting for four years. Rebuilt the carbs, new battery, new spark plugs, and tried to start it. At first I had some trouble getting it to turn over and thought I broke the starter because all i could hear was a beep/squeak coming from it...
  4. A

    Where does this bearing go?

    I'm now to the point of repairing my transmission where I am putting everything back together. Everything is (seemingly) in the right place however, I am not sure where this bearing assembly came from. Do any of you know what this is for/where it goes? The rod through it is hollow with a pinhole...
  5. B

    Carbon build up question

    Hello everyone, I'm in the process of rebuilding my first engine and was wondering how you guys remove the carbon build up on/around the valves ( if its even necessary to remove all of it ). I don't want to be too rough as I know these parts are delicate for clearances, especially around the...
  6. B

    Honda CB 750 Custom Rattling Engine Noise

    Hello I have a restored Honda CB 750 Custom from 1981. The motorcycle has undergone a major renovation. Chains with tensioners, pistone rings, valve seals, pans and bushings have been replaced in the engine. The problem is that when I start the motorcycle on the choke, even on warm days, for...
  7. J

    ISO shop manual

    Hi all, I am new to this group, but not to the CB750C, or to Honda. I got my first bike about 30 years ago, and about 20 years ago my first CB750C, an '81. I've been riding an '84 V65 Magna now for the last 10 years and love it! Back to the 750 though. I gave it to my son, (who also rides an...
  8. D

    Compression check

    Hey Guys, Did a cold compression check on my 77 last night. The bike has been sitting for approx 3 years. Numbers for the cylinders were Cyl 1 -127 Cyl 2- 126 Cyl 3 -125 Cyl 4- 126 Im pretty happy with those numbers and expect them to go up after a couple riding sessions. Question I have...
  9. HardCandy1


    Please help. I just got a 76 CB750E motor in a Ridged frame w/ springer front in the guy I bought it from clearly stated it runs. but runs like crap if the battery is low. but nothing else is wrong. well I bought it knowing it could possibly be a untrue. just needed something to help me get back...
  10. T

    Worn Camshaft Drive Questions on Repair

    I have a 1978 Honda CB750K. When I was idling the bike, the camshaft drive chain sounded like it was loose and hitting something. The Cam chain tensioner had already been completely tightened and the sound persisted. I pulled the engine and took a look at the Cam drive to find that that the...
  11. T

    Hi ,newby just joined, help with new aquisition id .

    Hi all, just aquired another rough cb 750 sohc .don't think the frame and engine are a factory pairing ? ENGINE No CB750E 1113550 FRAME No 2224478 . Was imported into the uk in mid 1990s ,not sure if it came from the usa or europe ?. any help on the id and origin of the bike would be...
  12. M

    1984 nighthawk 650 4-1 exhaust options?

    not alot of aftermarket exhaust options for the nighthawk dohc 650 ive done some research but some say its the same as the cb500 exhaust and some say the cb750 exhaust will fit will all DOHC models fit? Looking for a 4-1 exhaust
  13. P

    vague valve clearances

    Hey Guys, I finally got around and started the valve clearance job. But here comes a vague situation. I got a micrometer and also a feeler gauge. When i measure the feeler gauge with the micrometer it gets to the appropriate measurement( so 0,05mm is 0,05mm+-0,01mm) I started measuring my...
  14. M

    79 CB750L plan of attack

    OK, after getting a grounding issue and buying a decent set of jumper cables, I was able to do the compression test on my newly acquired 79 CB750L. Figured I'd move this over to the engine forum since electrical issues are sorted. After seeing the compression test results, I'm wondering if I...
  15. F

    Broken Fins on Cylinder

    I have 2 broken fins on the cylinder block of my 1973 cb750. I don't have the pieces, otherwise I would weld them back on myself. Should I find a new cylinder or is it safe running it with 2 broken off corners?
  16. M

    79 CB750 Starter issue?

    Hello, just brought home a 79 CB750L project. Bike is partially together and was able to get it running with some jumper cables and starter fluid at the previous owners place before making the purchase. Once i got it home, i tried again as i wanted to do a compression test. Yeah, i know, should...
  17. cbxjon3

    cases apart

    Hi,I'm cbxjon3 .I have a 1998 nighthawk,could anyone tell how to get lower case to come apart.,,thanks jon
  18. O

    Piston Rings

    When i rebuilt my CB750KZ last year i used new piston rings but i didnt deglaze the bores (yes i know!). Engine is out now and cylinders ready to hone. The question i have is even though the engine has only been run for a few minutes (no more than 5 mins) since the last rebuild will i need to...
  19. R

    Camshaft Dowell Pins location by size

    Dear People: I have tow measures of Dowell Pins in the Camshafts . 23 are 8*20.5 and only 1 different 8*26: I do not find clear where this one is located. I investigate carefully the manual and the Clymer Book and I am not sure. I would appreciate some help. Best Regards
  20. Q

    New Member from south coast NSW Australia CBX750F 1984

    Hi everyone, I just purchased this CBX750F 1984 model here in Australia; compliance plate/frame number (RC17-2005966) 3/1984. I have a few questions for those experienced CBX750/CB750 DOHC owners. The guy I bought this bike from said it was running 10 years ago had a recent top end rebuild then...
  21. N

    1980 Honda cb750k rev and carb problems with smoke

    Hi, I am new to automotive work I am 21 years old and bought a 1980 Honda CB750k it runs and hits top gear. there are a few issues with it, 1.) Gas slowly leaks from carb it drips slowly. 2.) the engine seems to be smoking while running it when it gets hotter and sits still, maybe just the gas...
  22. O


    I've tested the compressions on my CB750KZ as its been difficult to start and I get 125-100-105-130. Putting a squirt of oil in the bores didnt make much difference but that maybe cos its been stored for a few months and i did put some oil in before storage. I did put new rings in when i rebuilt...
  23. C

    Engine sound

    Hello, first post here. Last week I picked up a 1980 cb750. Just got it running and it has a knocking sound at idle that goes away with any revs at all. I was thinking cam chain but then by advice on a fourm I put it in gear (on the centre stand) then I put the brakes on and released the clutch...
  24. Cookie_Boy

    Spark Plugs and oil change

    Hi - I just picked up a 1980 Custom - I'm pretty sure the plugs are original as the mileage is only 5k. What brand/spec are you guys liking for this? I looked up the originals (DEA9 or something) and not available anymore. And of course, I'll do an oil change - any tips on oil for this machine...
  25. S

    Crankcase stuck

    I've recently started a rebuild/restoration project on a 1980 Honda CB750C. This is my first project ever so still pretty new to everything. While taking off the crank case, it seems to be stuck at a point around the stator rotor. The rest of the crank case can be lifted upward just fine, but...
  26. C

    Exhaust Smokes After Sitting for a Couple of Days (Honda CB900F)

    I have an issue with my bike smoking after sitting for a few days. If I don't ride my bike for about 4 days when I go to crank it up the exhaust will smoke for a good 3 min or so until the bike is warmed up. (Its a gray smoke not black.) However if I ride it back to back days I don't have this...
  27. G

    Engine cylinder protectors mentioned in Clymer manual

    I was thinking about winterizing and read in the Clymer manual about some Engine Cylinder Protectors that screw into the spark plug holes. A Google search didn't turn up anything like that. Clymer book refers to the Brookston Co. in Peterborough NH. Could that be a typo and they meant...
  28. V

    1978 Hondamatic 750 runs poorly in cold weather... runs great on warm/hot summer days

    I've been trying to chase down a problem with my 1978 Hondamatic 750A running very poorly in cold weather, in the 40's or 50's F degrees. It runs great in the summer, but predictably runs terrible when it cools off in the fall. I completely gone through the carbs, with no change in the...
  29. K

    1980 Honda CB 750 C ?

    So will exhaust from a 1980 Honda CB 750 C fit a 1981 Honda CB 750 K,.?
  30. F

    Engine not running right

    Hi all, I've got an 82 CB750 that I picked up over a year ago not running and have been slowly rebuilding and converting to a cafe racer. The project is around 85% complete and have had a few attempts at getting the engine to run properly with not a lot of success. I'll start with a bit of...