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  1. X

    New exhaust new problems

    I recently had recently had to replace my exhaust on my 78 the problem comes when I got the new exhaust its off of a 79 limited which I knew there would be some mounting problems. I attached everything and made sure it was snug and when I started there is an insane leak coming from the collars...
  2. C

    Wanted - ISO 4-1 Exhaust for a 1993 Nighthawk

    Hey just curious as to if anyone has an exhaust for sale or knows a decent website to find exhausts for a 93 Nighthawk. Doesn't have to be a 4-1, just hoping for something more exciting than the stock system. Thanks!
  3. J

    1996 750 Nighthawk exhaust upgrade

    Good day! I have a great bike with low miles, but I'm looking at exhaust upgrades for the bike when I need them. Can someone advise on some aftermarket options for factory exhaust? Slip-ons or 4 into 1 full exhaust is an option Thanks in advance.
  4. deeveeance

    Will a CB650C MAC 4-into-1 Exhaust fit on a same year CB750C?

    Quick question for y'all! Found a for sale post on Facebook of a Mac 4-into-1 Exhaust with competition baffle that was originally on an '82 CB650C. Looks like a great deal for ~$100, since my Mac 2-into-2 is falling apart and rattling from the inside, an PO did not give me the original. Would...
  5. CDN750K

    Variable performance / exhaust noise on my 79 CB 750K

    Greetings. First post new member. I was gifted a 79 750K with around 35k km's on it. Its in factory configuration aside from a 4 into 2 exhaust system that is ok at best. The exhaust has no bypass. The bike starts perfectly warm or cold and after a decent warm-up period, runs and drives nicely...
  6. M

    CB750F2 1995 exhaust

    Hello. I have a small problem with some noises coming from the left side exhaust. Like some metal is loose or stones inside ( a couple of children where playing near my bike one day... maybe they put something inside) or smth like that. I couldnt find any videos or manuals if its possible to...
  7. T

    exhaust suggestions

    hello everybody, New to the group, just bought a tatty 93 cb. Will be spending some quality time down in the workshop making her pretty again. I've sourced most things that i want to change on the bike, but can anyone recommend an aftermarket 4-1 exhaust system please??
  8. Giampa Booja

    4 into 2 dilemma, kickstand mount trouble

    A friend gave me a set of 4 into 2 pipes off his 750 F. I thought they would look/be/sound better that the raggedy-a 4 into 4 on my '82 750 Custom. After getting the bike up on the centerstand, I removed the kickstand and old 4/4s. Got the 4/2 in place, nothing snugged down, checking the...
  9. B

    Mac exhaust question, has this used exhaust been modified??

    So I picked up a set of pipes for a CB750 SOHC at a swap meet for a low $75. They fit perfect, and look good. They sounded great, but much too loud for my taste. I separated the slip on muffler from the pipes and found the muffler part is completely empty, no baffles at all. I can see on tab...
  10. S

    1981 cb750k parts interchangeable with cb900

    hello in australia needing help with knowing what parts from a cb900 will fit a 1981 cb750k, just got myself an excop bike complete in rough shape from sitting for 4 years but it runs, needs tune . biggest problem is the 4 into 4 mufflers a trash, eaten through, looking for replacement that...
  11. M

    1984 nighthawk 650 4-1 exhaust options?

    not alot of aftermarket exhaust options for the nighthawk dohc 650 ive done some research but some say its the same as the cb500 exhaust and some say the cb750 exhaust will fit will all DOHC models fit? Looking for a 4-1 exhaust
  12. H

    81 CB750C vs 82 CB750SC Nighthawk Exhaust compatibility

    Hello good people. I have an 82 CB750SC Nighthawk that is in need of a new exhaust. I found a guy selling the exhaust from an 81 CB750C that looks identical. Are the two exhausts compatible? This would make my life so much easier.
  13. T

    Yet another exhaust Q .

    Greetings! Just rescued this "beauty" from leaning against a shed for 21 years... My first DOHC. Just sold a 72 SOHC chopper. Anyway ... Looking at exhaust and would like to know if ~ 78 SOHC exhaust would flange up to this 79.... The "78" exhaust im looking at buying.... looks...
  14. Q

    New Member from south coast NSW Australia CBX750F 1984

    Hi everyone, I just purchased this CBX750F 1984 model here in Australia; compliance plate/frame number (RC17-2005966) 3/1984. I have a few questions for those experienced CBX750/CB750 DOHC owners. The guy I bought this bike from said it was running 10 years ago had a recent top end rebuild then...
  15. N

    1980 Honda cb750k rev and carb problems with smoke

    Hi, I am new to automotive work I am 21 years old and bought a 1980 Honda CB750k it runs and hits top gear. there are a few issues with it, 1.) Gas slowly leaks from carb it drips slowly. 2.) the engine seems to be smoking while running it when it gets hotter and sits still, maybe just the gas...
  16. C

    Exhaust Smokes After Sitting for a Couple of Days (Honda CB900F)

    I have an issue with my bike smoking after sitting for a few days. If I don't ride my bike for about 4 days when I go to crank it up the exhaust will smoke for a good 3 min or so until the bike is warmed up. (Its a gray smoke not black.) However if I ride it back to back days I don't have this...
  17. R

    Delkevic K7 exhaust onto K?

    I've been off this site for years now but am finally at the last stages of my CB750 rebuild. The bike was a complete basket case I inherited from a dead friend. It was originally a 1970 but is anything but numbers matching - I just want a good rider. I've built quite a few bikes in my life...
  18. K

    1980 Honda CB 750 C ?

    So will exhaust from a 1980 Honda CB 750 C fit a 1981 Honda CB 750 K,.?
  19. K

    Exhaust 1980 750 C ?

    Will exhaust from a 1980 CB 750 C fit on a 81 750 K ?
  20. J

    Original OEM exhaust for 1979/1980 750k

    I’ve refurbished my 1979 750Ltd and have installed a pretty nice set of 1981/1982 exhausts...looking for original 1979/80 to complete the bike. Any help in locating NOS or very nice original exhaust is appreciated. I will pay a good price for a nice complete system.
  21. P

    Replacing headers and exhaust 1980 CB750C

    Hello everyone, Looks like this is the site for all things CB750 related. Yes, I'm the newb, and will post a picture of my bike soon :) So, I just got back into riding after a long hiatus, and picked up a 1980 CB750C with (supposedly) 7000 miles. The bike is in decent shape, not like new...
  22. R

    Exhaust wrap

    I have a 1980 CB750C and im wondering about exhaust wraps. any products you recommend and also how many feet of 2" wrap? I currently have all stock parts.
  23. G

    Can I use this MAC exhaust set on my 1982 SuperSport?

    Hello, I bought a 1982 750 Super Sport last week. The exhaust has big holes in it on the underside. As part of the deal, I got a new, still in the plastic bags, MAC 1-1609 exhaust set. When I look at the MAC Performance website, I see that the recommended exhaust set is 1-2609. The 1-1609 is...
  24. K

    Slip on Muffler

    Has anyone sucessfully ever removed an OEM slip on Muffler from a CB 750 exhaust,.? And how did you do it,.? Thks Keith,.,
  25. K

    Exhaust interchange,.,?

    So will OEM exhaust from a Honda CB 750 C,.Fit an 1981 Honda CB 750 K ? I know Part #s aren"t the same,.
  26. N

    Exhaust Pipe Discoloration Around Baffles '79 CB750K

    Hello everyone, I just bought a 1979 CB750K with roughly 30k miles on it and I am brand new to the Honda CB scene. The stock exhaust was rusted out and the previous owner swapped it to a 4 into 2. The carbs were adjusted and cleaned to work with the new exhaust and he put maybe 10k miles on it...
  27. H

    1973 cb 750 exhaust

    does anyone know for sure if original exhaust on 1969 cb 750 will fit a 1973 cb 750 and where i may find original 4 into 4 exhaust for 1973 cb 750
  28. Z

    Cb750 turbo kit wanted

    Looking for complete atp rajay turbo kit for cb750 will pay top $ also motorcycle with kit installed.
  29. N

    92 nighthaw 750 fully hollow muffler re-jet needle washer mod help!!!

    Building a 92 nighthawk bobber bike was given to me so im doing this as cheap as possible . I completely hollowed out both mufflers up to the baffle and bike runs quite choppy of course i know there a many threads about this but ive yet to find someone who fully removed all three um baffle walls...
  30. G

    Another Secondary Main Jet Question

    Hi there... I'm the person putting the CB1000C carbs on a 1980 CB750F. While I did get the bike started and running, I had some bad o-rings that were causing fuel to leak, so I decided to tear them apart and refresh/rebuild them. When rebuilding the CB1000 carbs should I jet them with the 110...