1. Neverfinished

    No vacuum on cylinders 3&4

    Bike runs, idles steady. Carbs have been pulled and gone through twice. Manifolds on both sides replaced. No indication that the bike is running on only two cylinders and it actually sounds nice at idle. Figured since I got it running fairly well id do a carb sync. Cyl 1&2 look good - both...
  2. D

    First bike. High idle issues.

    So, I have an 82' 750c that i just rebuilt the carbs on. i got everything put back together after following this PDF after re-attaching the carbs to the bike, and starting it, the bike idled at 4k. adjusting the pilots screws...
  3. B

    Throttle Cable Routing, 1974 CB750

    I'm having some issues with throttle cables. When I adjust them with the bars straight they are fine, but if I turn the bars all the way right the cable gets too tight. I've gone thru the adjustment procedure, but still doesn't seem right. I have new OEM Honda cables, but it acted the same...
  4. B

    Opinions on Murray's Carbs?

    New to the bike world. Carb cleaning is a giant pain in the ass, especially for someone who's never before touched a carb. I am thinking about getting a set of Murray's Carbs. Any opinions? Should I or shouldn't I? I pretty much have my mind made up already, figured i'd just throw this up here...
  5. K

    carb difference

    does anyone know what the difference is between a VB52A carb and a VB52B carb? they look the same to me. my bike is a jap market 750fz and it should be fitted with VB52B's according to what i have found out but has the VB52A's so what is the difference, cheers
  6. B

    Fuuel type in 1982 CB750 engine

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum. I have several bikes. One I bought 18 months ago is a BSA fitted with a CB750K engine. My first question is, what type of petrol should I be running though it. The previous owner, used an octane booster additive. I am running on Shell VPower 99 fuel. I am...
  7. S

    1977 and 1978 Honda cb750 sohc carb accelerator pump o ring mounted on #2 carb bowl

    From what I have heard others say about these o rings being hard to locate. I experienced the same on my 1978 cb750k. I have a o ring kit that had the right one, it is a 008 part no. with a inside dia. of 3/16 and outside dia. 5/16 What usually happens is these o rings either fall out of #2...
  8. HardCandy1


    Please help. I just got a 76 CB750E motor in a Ridged frame w/ springer front in the guy I bought it from clearly stated it runs. but runs like crap if the battery is low. but nothing else is wrong. well I bought it knowing it could possibly be a untrue. just needed something to help me get back...
  9. Sellner91

    First bike problems, Please Help!

    Hey guys, i recently bought a 1982 cb750k and have been getting it ready for this season. i have been experiencing a few issues that i don't know what could be causing them. the first issue I'm having is that when I'm heating up the bike the idle starts to run away and get up to around 4k rpm if...
  10. L

    Broken carb part on 1980 Honda CB750C

    hey i am looking for some insight on how to solve a problem on my carbs for my 1980 honda cb750c. One of the prongs to hold my throttle cable broke right off and I cant find a replacement part for this. Not sure if i should try and get it welded back on or if there is a way i can get it...
  11. J

    Keihin VB 52 Parts Diagram

    Hi there, does anyone have a source for a detailed parts diagram for the carbs fitted to my 1980 Japanese market Cb750c. They are marked VB52 There are some parts missing from carb 2
  12. M

    79 CB750L plan of attack

    OK, after getting a grounding issue and buying a decent set of jumper cables, I was able to do the compression test on my newly acquired 79 CB750L. Figured I'd move this over to the engine forum since electrical issues are sorted. After seeing the compression test results, I'm wondering if I...
  13. F

    1980 CB750F Carb decisions, would appreciate some experienced input!!!

    Will any of the more experienced folks on here (maybe amc or dirtdigger) provide some advice on whether I should put in the effort to repair, rebuild, and re-jet the stock CV carbs or should I look at a replacement? I'm planning on using pod air filters and either a 4-into-1 (Delkevic) or a...
  14. J

    No Accelerator Pump

    Hi, my 1980 750c does not have an accelerator pump fitted to no. 2 carb and I have read on other threads that the European models did not have them fitted. It is really hard to start from cold and has been since I bought it last year. The choke mechanism is working OK and following previous...
  15. Y

    After market air cleaner filter replacement

    I'm new to the group and have a 1972 CB 750 project I'm working on. The carburetor slides were stuck and I removed the RIC? (in photo)aftermarket air cleaner on the bike to free up the slides and found the foam element disintegrated with age. Is anyone familiar with this make of air cleaner for...
  16. N

    1980 Honda cb750k rev and carb problems with smoke

    Hi, I am new to automotive work I am 21 years old and bought a 1980 Honda CB750k it runs and hits top gear. there are a few issues with it, 1.) Gas slowly leaks from carb it drips slowly. 2.) the engine seems to be smoking while running it when it gets hotter and sits still, maybe just the gas...
  17. K

    VB52A carbs

    my bike is a 1979 cb750fz JDM model it is fitted with VB52A carbs and a 4 into 1 exhaust and standard air box. all the manuals I have looked at don't mention this model of carb. does any body know if these are the correct carbs although I am not looking for originality . the bike was running...
  18. B

    Posa Fuel carb

    Anyone know anything about the old Posa-Fuel carb
  19. V

    1978 Hondamatic 750 runs poorly in cold weather... runs great on warm/hot summer days

    I've been trying to chase down a problem with my 1978 Hondamatic 750A running very poorly in cold weather, in the 40's or 50's F degrees. It runs great in the summer, but predictably runs terrible when it cools off in the fall. I completely gone through the carbs, with no change in the...
  20. K

    Carb interchange

    I have a 1981 Honda CB 750 K. I know someone that has Carbs for a 1980 Honda 750 CB He doesn"t know what model they came off of. But did give me the Frame Vin # . Will other model CBs fit my 750 K,.? Tks Keith,.,:)
  21. B

    Posa Fuel 4 into 1 carb system

    Anybody have the old 4 into 1 POSA FUEL system on there Cb750. I had one years ago on a chopper i built. I have a set now but need to make sure they are correct size. Size is stamped on carb.. Could be 26 ,28 ,32, 34
  22. F

    Engine not running right

    Hi all, I've got an 82 CB750 that I picked up over a year ago not running and have been slowly rebuilding and converting to a cafe racer. The project is around 85% complete and have had a few attempts at getting the engine to run properly with not a lot of success. I'll start with a bit of...
  23. B

    Carb assembly stuck in engine manifold!

    Hi all, new guy Rob here. Writing about my '92 Nighthawk 750. I am in the process of removing the carb assembly and it will not budge from the engine. I removed the airbox and the choke cable. All the clamps are loosened, just about to fall off. I shot some WD40 around the intake boots and let...
  24. V

    Setting float height on 1979 cb750K

    Looking for proper procedure to set float height. Manual states height should be 15.5 mm, but unsure if this is with carbs lying flat or turned on side. Having difficulty getting 15.5 mm when carbs are on side? Thanks for any input.
  25. C

    Carburetor sync adapter

    I just bought my son a 1992 Nighthawk 750. He loves it. It has a ruff idle when 1st started when cold. Im planning on cleaning the carbs and syncing them. It has 24k miles on it. I already have a carb sync tool but not the adapter the screws into the carb intake. Does anyone know what size...
  26. Luis Etchenique

    '79 CB750F Super Sport -- Carburator Rebuild Kit

    Can anyone recommend a carb rebuild kit for a '79 CB750F Super Sport ? I have been told the '79 is *unique* in that it had metal tabs on the floats and "will need a flat top needle and seat", so I wanted to make sure I get the correct product. I would also like to replace the bolts with Allen...
  27. T

    need help with a rich/ lean issue.

    Hey there awesome people. John from little ole England here, Im looking for a little help with a fueling issue to the carbs. So, my sons 1981 DOHC, he's on active duty in Afghan and I promised him Id get it running sweet before he returns in November. Its bored out to 823cc because I had to...
  28. R

    Float and valve issue.

    Ive been having gas leaking out of my carbs for months. i did a full cleaning and carb rebuild. We decided to connect a hose to a gas tank and elevate it (removed from the bike) to see where its leaking from. Carb #1 is by far the worst and the others only begin to leak if you leave the gas on...
  29. L

    Carb Leaking -- New to Vintage Bikes

    New member here! I recently acquired a 1979 cb750k on the local classifieds--not running, but otherwise in great condition with 12k miles on the odometer. I have no experience with older motorcycles, particularily carbs. The throttle was "stuck" and I discovered (after pulling the carbs out)...
  30. Fatherof2

    Carb sync question.....

    Hi Gang, Jut got my vacuum gage and am getting ready to sync the carbs on my 93NH. The instructions say that I should have the choke full on while doing the sync. I have read a bunch of info on the net and watched a number of videos on carb syncing and I have never seen anyone have the choke...