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I F’d up! 🤬(cylinder o-rings)

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It sounds to me that you need to start hanging around with better mechanics. I wouldn't use that crap to lube the hinges of my house, let alone an engine. I have built many hundreds of engines over my time. I'm retired now but still do a double of dozen engines a year. And I don't mean motorcycles. I have engines that have raced from Daytona to the Nurburgring so I know a little about building an engine. For me motorcycles have been a hobby since I was a kid. I always liked the CB750 bikes and that is why I hang around here, hoping to help others. So if you think I'm stuck in my ways at least I have the credentials to back it up. It is clear to me you don't know what the hell you are doing so please don't pass your experience on to others.
How about this. Since you supposedly know so much and I don’t know shit regardless of what you think, you can stay the fuck outta my threads. You’re so full of yourself and that’s obvious by the way you conduct yourself in a forum of people either trying to learn from scratch or have been doing it for years and just want some advice. I watched you turn one of my threads into a full blown argument to where the site moderators shut the thread down. For one I’m not some punk and for two I’m not new to doing engines and what to use and when to use it. So you stay in your lane, I’ll stay in mine, and stay the fuck outta my threads because I don’t need advice from a guy who obviously thinks he knows everything. I entertain people with a wealth of knowledge that have all sorts of ideas and ways they do things. It sounds to me like you’re just in these forums to start fights and act like the “ALPHA MECHANIC” that you obviously aren’t. And if you have a problem beyond this keyboard bullshit then I’d LOVE to meet up in person and we can talk whatever you want and we’ll see how that goes. But what you’re not gonna do is start bombing MY fucking threads with your “I’m the man” bullshit and start talking down to me like I haven’t been building engines as long as you have. In fact, I may start using starting fluid on my gaskets, just to piss you off. You’re a fucking pompous punk that hides in forums to talk down to others. Stay the fuck outta my threads from now on because I’m on to you and your bullshit is getting exposed to REAL GEAR HEADS just by your comments. I’ve built bikes that would out class your so called knowledge so just do us both a favor and keep your loose lips along with your Loose Chain away from any questions I have. You talk to me like you just did in that comment in public and I’d take a fucking blow torch to your face and wouldn’t give two shits.
You sound like a real pleasant fellow. I hope you don't have kids. Ya you have shown us a few of your bikes. They are real show stoppers.
You’re just a smart ass keyboard warrior. Just go away because your opinion doesn’t matter here anymore.
Since I’ve been on this site I haven’t seen you offer any good advice without a backhanded comment attached to it. You’re a punk. I’ve been a “pleasant fellow” to EVERYONE I’ve spoke with on here besides you. And the last thread I had you had a problem with another member. Maybe look at it from an outside perspective and you’ll see you’re the problem.
I have helped many people on this site and I will continue to do just that. You are the one that threatens people when they don't like what they here. Your idle threats do scare me one bit pal. Who's the keyboard warrior as you call it? That must be you.
And I am a good guy, until someone online starts talking shit to me because they know they’re probably miles away and then they tell me I don’t know shit.
There’s no idle threats loose lips. Just what would really happen if you weren’t a pussy that hides behind a keyboard with backhanded comments. You can say you’ve helped a bunch of people but you do it in a down talking sort of way. You started a whole spat in my other thread with someone else. Now you got a problem with me. Maybe it’s not everyone else and you’re the fucking problem. Where you from anyways?
You don't know $hit. You have made that obvious to everyone. You are the one that called this thread "I F'd Up (Cylinder o-rings) not me.
And you’ve never made a mistake on all your supposed years working on engines??? You full of shit if you say no.
I've been doing it a really long time. Sure I made mistakes in the beginning.
I am going to close this thread as this has gotten out of hand.
Not open for further replies.