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i have a 1980 dohc cb750 that needs all new gaskets and seals. I build national championship winning dirtbike motors but have never touched one of these motors before so it is a bit of a learning experience for me. I have read in multiple places that a cb900 crank and top end will fit my bike, unsure if machining is needed for the clearance of the crank and that would be good to know but i have someone to machine it if need be, however i know the 900 service manual also covers the 1100 and from my understanding the only difference between the two is cylinder/piston size. Is this true? If so can the 900 be bored out? If not where can i still find jugs for a 83 1100? Are there differences in the head, valve size, intake ports, anything of the sort? Im not looking to spend an insane amount on this engine but i would like to get some more power out of this engine with how much this bike means to me. Any help or information woild be greatly appreciated.