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  1. 9

    Wheels compatible with 1992-2003 nighthawk

    Looking to upgrade the wheels on my 96’ cb750. Looking for spoked rims. I’ve seen the cfmoto ones but don’t want to drop 2k, any alternatives? I’d like to upgrade the drum/single disk as well, eventually I might put gsxr forks on it but for now I’m looking for cheaper alternatives to new...
  2. B

    1980 CB750 “Beavertail” Cafe Build

    Week 0 - Intros and Goals What’s up everyone, I’m posting here to keep track of a build I’ve been planning out and to hopefully ask and answer some questions along the way. I recently began some online courses covering engine building and automotive wiring and thought a motorcycle might be a...
  3. C

    HEI Ignition Conversion

    I'm working on an 81 750K and trying to convert over to the HEI setup and I'm having a bit of trouble. Another member here AMC49 has mentioned doing this multiple times but has never elaborated on the install. I DM him but he doesn't seem active any longer. If anyone on here has done this...
  4. E

    help figuring out my engine

    I bought a go kart set up with a nighthawk engine on it, however every number I seem to look up on it comes back as not being a real engine. The numbers are listed below, any help would be greatly appreciated since I need to get gaskets for it. left side of the engine - serial number...
  5. C

    For Sale - For Sale One of only 150 produced, only 41 known to survive, 1980 Honda CB750 Phil Read Replica

    One of only 150 produced, only 41 known to survive, 1980 Honda CB750 Phil Read Replica Photos, video, details at ClassicAvenue.com https://classicavenue.com/product/one-of-only-150-produced-only-41-known-to-survive-1980-honda-cb750-phil-read-replica/
  6. R

    neck bearings for front end swaps

    Does anyone remember the website that had that 50 zillion mile long list of just about every tapered neck bearing used by motorcycles? If memory serves the site had a lot of blue on it. I snagged a great Harley girder front end at a swap meet. Was going to have a stem made but the hand work on...
  7. W

    CB 750 build

    I am looking for connecting rods from a CB 1000 to go onto my 900 crank I will also need carbon and exhaust recommendations for an 1100 F if anyone knows where i get such parts.
  8. W

    Cb750 build

    I have a CB 900 crank to put into my 750, I am looking for 1981 CB 1000 custom connecting rods if anyone knows where I can find them. Also I will be in need of carbs and an exhaust for an 1100f if anyone has any recommendations
  9. T

    Advice on Rear Fairing Fab

    Hey all, this is my first post so I appreciate any advice that helps. I have a 1980 cb750f that I'm doing a full cafe build on. I've been looking into different tail options and although I like a lot of options out there I'd love to try and use the stock rear tail and integrate it into my new...
  10. C

    81 CB750k spark on 1&4 but not running

    Hey all first post because I'm kinda stumped. 81 750k overhauled 5k miles ago. I also have Murray's carbs set up on here... that's a whole nother issue😔. They're a pain to keep from fouling plugs because he tunes them so rich. Just did a service about 50mi ago because it was breaking up on...
  11. A

    Info on this CB750

    I been having this old motorcycle for awhile. Its a Honda cb750 1982. Is it worth anything? Or should I trash it. Any info? Anyone interested?
  12. Travis

    Honda CB750 Model Identification Numbers - Years - VIN - Serial

    CB750K 1969-1978 Models Model Year Production Code Frame # Engine # CB750K0 1969-70 300 CB750- 1000001 CB750E- 1000001 CB750K1 1970-71 300 CB750- 1044650 CB750E- 1044806 CB750K2 1972 341 CB750- 2000001 CB750E- 2000001 CB750K3 1973 341 CB750- 2200001 CB750E- 2200001 CB750K4 1974 341...
  13. W

    Will a 84' CB750 DOHC engine fit on a 84' CB650 DOHC frame?

    i've had a 1984 Honda CB650 for about a year now that i bought off some guy and it didn't run. i tore into it and found that it had jumped time and bent valves. i've found a 84'-86' cb750 dohc motor and was wondering if i could just swap them out? would that work or would modification be needed...
  14. W

    Cb750/900 build

    i have a 1980 dohc cb750 that needs all new gaskets and seals. I build national championship winning dirtbike motors but have never touched one of these motors before so it is a bit of a learning experience for me. I have read in multiple places that a cb900 crank and top end will fit my bike...
  15. O

    1978 cb750

    Second post on the forum I have another 1978 cb750 that will only run decent with the choke on and if i turn the choke off the bike will run but if I give it throttle it will bog and die out. The carbs are brand new (reman) and very clean. Was also wondering what type of fuel is best for these...
  16. O

    1977 cb750

    hello new to the forum had to join because I have a 1977 cb750 that has been very inconsistent I just recently synchronized all the carbs and cleaned them because the bike would lose throttle and die out but after doin that the bike ran good for a few days and now when I start it the rpm’s jump...
  17. J

    help me begin my adventure to build my dream bike

    I havent previously owned a bike and i want to make a project for my first bike with a 1993 cb750. I have to build it from scratch or else it will cost me double. Im a mechanical engineer student and I want to learn to work on bikes. My knowledge is very limited apart from the basic, but I will...
  18. A

    93 cb750 blinker issues

    Hey guys I just bought a 1993 cb750 and when i turn on the blinkers (which are after market led) the rears just flash like the hazards are on and they only light half way up and the fronts don’t turn on at all. Any advice on what to do or what to try?
  19. 9

    Fuel level guage

    I am the owner of a 1995 nighthawk cb750 that I am in the process of turning into a cafe. I have been looking for an option to implement some sort of fuel guage. I can't seem to find a gas cap with a mechanical float but was curious to see if any others have implanted a fuel guage on their CB...
  20. G

    Make Offer - 1980 CB750C

    Moving on to other bike projects and need to make space in the garage. 24K miles on this 1980 CB750 Custom. Bike runs pretty well, but at the moment the original Keihin carbs need to be cleaned/sync'd before it'll start. Relatively new 4-1 exhaust w/no rust, side covers intact, and still has...
  21. J

    Differences between cb750 199(1-3) and cb750 nighthawk same years

    I am looking to buy a cb 750 and i have done some research but i cant find anywhere the differences between these two models, apart from the fact that the later was desinged in America. But what are the differences; are they cosmetic or are they mechanical
  22. B

    New to custom builds

    Hey guys I am new to custom builds so thought I’d join a forum for help when I get stuck because I know I fucking will 😂 Iv got a cb750 f2 1997 and someone’s had a good go at turning it into a cafe racer but the finish is shoddy, so I’m going to go right back to the frame and build her up again...
  23. Bmb2492

    750 Nighthawk

    I bought an 82 cb750 nighthawk with 4,487 miles on it for $300. Hadn't been tagged since 03 so probably never had ethanol ran through it. Replaced the battery and spark plugs and it tries to idle with the choke on. Should I rebuild the carbs or just clean them? Any ideas that might help. I'm...
  24. N

    Information for CB750

    Buying help | 1 Hey guys, I plan on buying a CB750 very soon but just to clarify, I'm a person that pays really big attention to details and by that I mean I want to know how should I start looking for the best one in terms of year of production and model in 'DETAILS' (by that I mean...
  25. M

    1978 CB750A tank petcock questions

    Hello all, glad to be a part of this group. I do apologize if this has been covered before. I picked up this beauty with only 3062 original miles. Obviously been sitting. Issue I am inquiring about is I am in the tank cleaning stage. This is a single tube petcock screw on design. When I removed...
  26. C

    Unknown Part

    I’m starting to rebuild my 1981 cb750 and I have no clue what this part is or where I removed it from. Please can someone help me out.
  27. S

    Issue with Oil

    Hello all, Since late July I have been cruising on my dream bike, a 79' CB750k, purchased used, quite clean and had given me almost no problems at all until now: After changing the oil and riding a couple times over the course of a week, I went to check my oil before riding as always, but...
  28. O

    ARD Magneto - Gauging Interest

    Hey everyone, I have an ARD magneto that I removed off of my ‘72 CB750 several years ago. I’m wondering if anyone here would be interested in buying it or if I should hang on to it and maybe use it on a build project later down the line. Let me know what you think and how much it might be worth...
  29. R

    For Sale - 1975 Honda CB 750 $3400

    Located just outside Los Angeles. Lovingly rebuilt, it’s not original but it’s been upgraded to be a rider. here’s some of what’s been done. New head gasket New seals New wheelbearings New tapered steerer bearings Fresh rebuilt forks New Japanese wiring harness Semi-polished cases No tabs or...
  30. A

    Frankensteins Monster

    I have a 1978 CB750F but it has a 1972 CB750K2 engine. I didn’t do it, this is how it was when I bought it. Now here is the dilemma... the carbs are still the 78 F. What generation should I base my jetting off of?