1980 DOHC CB750c studs?


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Hey everyone! I finally got around to making an account so I could ask this question, and probably a million more later on.

BACKGROUND: I bought this motorcycle and it was completely torn a part. The valve cover and valve body was off the motor and the cylinder head was still on the motor. Since it included the gaskets for an entire rebuild, I figured "why not just replace everything while it's open."

I tried searching the forum and the rest of the internet, but to no avail. I'm in the process of rebuilding the engine of my 1980 DOHC CB750C. As always with these engines, my cylinder head studs were rusted in pretty good. the 2 nut method didn't work for extraction so it eventually escalated to vice grips and a pipe to get them out. some how i managed to not destroy the threads in the motor. The studs on the other hand.... they've seen better days. Any way, What I'm asking is what are the stud sizes I need to replace them all? I've seen several sets for the SOHC engines but none say they're for the DOHC. I know the 750F series have different studs so those won't work to my knowledge. What have you guys used and know works?


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People made a few stud sets back in the day but no more, all race parts for the early DOHC have pretty much disappeared. The popularity never got as high as the SOHC and they broke when raced too easy too.

The C uses the same cylinder block stud as any other DOHC 750 like the K, L, and SC but the F used the spiral cut ones and made of a different material besides having the spiral. All are the same length and interchange. The spiral cut F ones are much stronger and as strong as the old racing studs were. The plain bodied other ones used on the other 750s are very soft and tear up super easy. Use the F ones but don't get them confused with the SOHC F, which won't work, they need to be DOHC '79-'82.

Same soft/much tougher situation with the 900, 1000, and 1100 studs except they are too long for 750 due to the longer cylinder block. The F spiral ones are the ones to use on those engines too.