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Proper Carb Jets


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Murray, Utah
Thinking about a winter project for my bike. I'd like to do pod filters and a straight pipe exhaust. I'm just wondering what size jets would be ideal and what else I might need to change or adjust. What do you guys recommend or have already done?
I'm not looking for a ton of performance gain. I'd just like to make it a bit louder and change the look. I just want to make sure it runs right once it is all done.
Ok. I don't wanna sound like a dick here when proposing that you use the search function on this specific matter of yours, but please do. I feel like I (and a lot of the other members on this board) have answered this question quite a lot lately.

I'll still give you some pointers; those CV carbs doesn't operate well with pod filters. No one I've ever heard of have gotten these carbs to run right or well with pods. Someone used tape to restrict the airflow through the pods and he claims that worked though. But then there is the aesthetics of having tape wrapped around your pods.. Since I've never heard of anyone getting this setup to play with pods, I've never got any indication on what jets to use.
As for the straight pipes, that should be doable, but you'll have to make up for the increased evacuation of exhaust gas with jetting. Only way to tell what YOUR bike needs when it comes to jet sizes is to do plug chops.

Some search results on pods that you might find helpful:
Get some Keihin CR carbs. Take a look at Dynoman Performance. Great guys, easy to deal with and fast shipping.