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  1. P

    Possible upgrades from newer bikes

    Hi all I've just finished bringing a '75 K back to life due in no small part to posts on this forum, thank you for that. A few years ago I bought 3 bikes, a '75 K, a '77 F, and a '78 F. I'm now selling the 77 and 78 Fs but wanted to ask: Would there be any advantage to swapping out any parts...
  2. netwurk13

    3D Printed Keihin Throttle shaft plug

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to share a design I made. I have a 78 CB750 with the Keihin carbs. I changed out the throttle shaft felt seals and accidentaly knocked out one of the throttle shaft plugs on the number 1 carb. I guess while riding it came loose and got lost. I looked everywhere...
  3. W

    Difficulties finding carburetor fuel inlet

    Hello, I recently bought a 1977 cb750 k7, however, the fuel lines weren't connected. It looks like the carburetors have two inlets on top, but I can't find which one connects to the fuel tank or if both have to be connected. Could anyone point out what each inlet is used for?
  4. WaddleDee72

    Desperate for Help!! — 1978 CB750F keeps dying

    I'm at the end of my rope with this bike.... I've been chasing this problem for a year, and in that time I've spent countless hours reading through forum posts, replacing parts, and taking it to different mechanics, all to no avail. Here's the issue: My bike starts up and runs fine, but on a...
  5. L

    Help with High Idle at Start CB750K 1981 DOHC

    I took the carbs off the bike to bench sync them, put them back on and now the bike is starting up at 5,000 rpm + and it won’t go down, choke is off. I was afraid of letting it run cold on such high rev, max time was 30 seconds and it won't go done. When I killed the engine some type of...
  6. D

    First bike. High idle issues.

    So, I have an 82' 750c that i just rebuilt the carbs on. i got everything put back together after following this PDF https://www.cb750c.com/publicdocs/SeanG/Honda_Carb_Manual_revG.pdf after re-attaching the carbs to the bike, and starting it, the bike idled at 4k. adjusting the pilots screws...
  7. deeveeance

    82 CB750C - High Idle after touching throttle, no spawn of satan?

    Hey all, I received the replacement set of carbs from eBay, cannibalized the original set and set up the new one on the bike. Fired up instantly, few pops, but smoothed out after adjusting the rod with black knob at the "bottom" of the carbs (idle screw?). Problem is, when I touch the...
  8. deeveeance

    Wanted - 1982 CB750C compatible carbs (possibly borrow?)

    Need some carbs to fully test out my project 1982 CB750C (DOHC) before committing to buy a set of Murray's Carbs (Mikuni VM34's) or Dynoman's Keihin CR31's. Open to anything compatible, not sure what the market is for the OEM-Alternatives is. If you happen to have a spare set that you don't...
  9. D

    After Rebuild ALL 4 Carbs Overflowing

    I have a 1977 CB750F Super Sport that was purchased few months back that sat for 2 years. It ran, but barely. Carbs did not leak at all before I started this project. I pulled the carbs and rebuilt with them. I was meticulous about keeping each carburetor pieces and parts including the...
  10. C

    Carb Install - Daryl Dixon

    I know this may sound crazy, but I knew virtually nothing on motorcycles a few months ago. This site and others have helped with my project, so I am posting this here to see if anyone can help. As you can see in the pics, I have come a looonnnngggg way, so I can figure things out but on this...
  11. J

    Proper Carb Jets

    Thinking about a winter project for my bike. I'd like to do pod filters and a straight pipe exhaust. I'm just wondering what size jets would be ideal and what else I might need to change or adjust. What do you guys recommend or have already done?
  12. B

    #3 Carb leaking out of float vent tube

    I just picked up this 1980 CB750f Super Sport i turn the Petcock to on, fire it up, and it dumps fuel out of the vent tube. A decent size puddle after 10 seconds of running. Anyone have any ideas that could point me in the right direction would be very appreciated. I have the carbs off and ready...
  13. H

    Type of carburetor

    Hey guys. I currently have a cb750 k6 and am doing a carb rebuild. I am beginning to think that the carbs on this bike are not stock. The manufacturer is Keihin and it has VE 75ABW0 with the B boxed in. Do you guys know what these carbs came off of so I can get the correct rebuild kit? I'm...
  14. CB750Todd

    What does this mean??

    OK...so I've been working on my '75 and I thought I had it running great. I take it out today because its a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny here in south Texas today and I get it up to about 65-70 mph and it just acts like its starving for fuel...no power,kinda sputtery but if I reach down and...