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Hey guys, I plan on buying a CB750 very soon but just to clarify, I'm a person that pays really big attention to details and by that I mean I want to know how should I start looking for the best one in terms of year of production and model in 'DETAILS' (by that I mean difference between year models and which years had the best parts compared to others, performance, etc) 😅.

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I've seen in some articles that choosing the 'best 750' is subjective so my 'best 750' would be searching one for longevity and quality so speed is not my main thing. Also, I think I need to mention that I plan on customizing the bike to make it look rat style or post apocalyptic or pretty much "the Walking Dead" inspired like my profile picture.

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What I assumed was that each year of Honda CB750 manufacturing years had improvements or downgrades in their parts overall so correct me if I am wrong. In conclusion this is the reason why I am asking which are the years or year for the cb750's that had the best performance, quality and longevity. ( I apologise for repeating myself too often, I'm just trying to be as thorough as possible so you guys can understand easier )

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What I have also read in other articles was that people asked the same question like I am now, about 'which year is best and most of them either simply gave a year number or they said it is subjective' . I appreciate all those answers but I was looking to find thorough explanations for why was that year better and etc hence it lead me to create a thread of my own because I failed on finding an answer like that.

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Considering that I'm looking for longevity and quality as my best, it comes to say that I will be using this bike often as transport in my city or highways here and there (rarely highways)
If it is not much to ask, I would really appreciate a thorough explanation on the models you guys mention.
With all these things mentioned, I believe you got my message which was that I want to learn in general about motorcycles and especially for the CB750 :)

Buying help | 1.4

I would also like to mention that since I am interested in buying a CB750 that you guys recommend, I would want to know the best parts I can buy so I can fully rebuild/upgrade that bike to have the best performance possible, either it be suspension, gear shifting, etc anything possible. I plan on spending alot of money for this project even if it takes time so do not spare me hahaha.

Thank you in advance and I apologise if my articulation wasn't the best. I hope I was clear and not boring! :)

I wrote the numbers in case you want to reply paragraph by paragraph for easier understanding of the answers given by you guys.
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I'm sorry I don't have a lot of time today to reply in full as you ask....
You didn't state what type CB750, as in SOHC or DOHC motor....

For SOHC bikes

Have you read through the site http://honda750expert.com ???

Another great site to read on is http://forums.sohc4.net/index.php

I stopped looking at the 750 when they went to the DOHC in 1979. I figured if I was going to get a double cam it would be the Wes Cooley GS1000 Suzuki.... So I kept my K6 that I bought new in 1976(picture from 1983)


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Well thats the thing, I don't know which one to choose. As mentioned above, I aim more for reliability, comfort, quality, etc.. so pretty much I aim for everything except speed in it. So which models are the best for wha I'm looking for?

Also, eventually I plan to customize the bike with best quality build so it doesn't fail on me. So does it matter what specific model I get?
The SOHC(1969-1978) are dependable if take care of and not hammered too hard. But remember, these are old bikes now and need to be babied as the cam chain rubber parts are old and brittle now and need to be replaced.
I don't know anything on the DOHC bikes to help you.
Yeah but is it possible to restore my bike like it left from the dealership yesterday? Or atleast close to being new with restoring the parts? I'm asking just to know if it is worth buying it? If it can be restored to that point than it's probably worth it right?
There are lots of parts available for the SOHC bikes to bring one back to new both from aftermarket companies and from Honda.
Alright thank you Stubro, I appreciate your help. I hope the time to buy the bike, comes quick so I could show you 😅 hahah
I would suggest the nighthawk 750 from 1992 to 2003. these bikes use hydraulic lifters so there is no valve adjustment.

minimum maintenance and very reliable /simple.
I would suggest the nighthawk 750 from 1992 to 2003. these bikes use hydraulic lifters so there is no valve adjustment.

minimum maintenance and very reliable /simple.
Any particular year to choose between those years? Which one is the best or they all the same?