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  1. C

    For Sale - For Sale One of only 150 produced, only 41 known to survive, 1980 Honda CB750 Phil Read Replica

    One of only 150 produced, only 41 known to survive, 1980 Honda CB750 Phil Read Replica Photos, video, details at ClassicAvenue.com https://classicavenue.com/product/one-of-only-150-produced-only-41-known-to-survive-1980-honda-cb750-phil-read-replica/
  2. A

    Info on this CB750

    I been having this old motorcycle for awhile. Its a Honda cb750 1982. Is it worth anything? Or should I trash it. Any info? Anyone interested?
  3. S

    For Sale - please suggest price for 1981 Honda CB 750 F - 39.400 Km with brand new modern Windshield + 2 helmets box.

    NORTH WEST ITALY Hello all, please suggest price for 1981 Honda CB 750 F - 39.400 Km, as in the picture. (it's not Four and not Sport) With brand new modern Windshield and a used box for 2 Helmets. It's running perfectly, with no mechanical defects. I would like to probably sell it. Thank you...
  4. fboivin

    CB 750 1982

    Just purchased a CB 750 1982 and now it wont start, in need of advice on this matter. First thing in the morning. Bike turned on right away when i took it out of the garage. Stopped the bike and went for morning coffee Came back 10 to 20 minutes after and tried to start the bike No noise no...
  5. A

    For Sale - 1972 Honda CB750 K2 - $6,700 Vancouver BC

    Hey folks, I am selling my beloved 1972 Honda CB750. I have taken care of this motorcycle since 2005 and it has been a complete joy. I have ridden it to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and up and down the west coast. I would never thought I would be selling it but...
  6. N

    Information for CB750

    Buying help | 1 Hey guys, I plan on buying a CB750 very soon but just to clarify, I'm a person that pays really big attention to details and by that I mean I want to know how should I start looking for the best one in terms of year of production and model in 'DETAILS' (by that I mean...
  7. D

    1977 Honda cb750

    Wii a set of 1970 used crank shells work on my 1977 its a cb750. Thanks
  8. BlackKeys

    New Bobber Needs Help! Honda CB650

    Hi there all, This is my first post here so please bear with me and I am relatively new to the MC world. Thank you for your patience in advance! I am in the midst of buying a '81 Honda CB650. The bike has been bobbed already aesthetically very tastefully. Now for the meat and potatoes.. - The...
  9. H

    Best videos of Honda and Yamaha