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honda cb750

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    Need assistance choosing bike

    Managed to find people selling 750 Nighthawks ranging from 1991 to 2003 models. Besides mileage and the condition the bikes are, should I try to get the newer models? Did any of those production years come out on top of one another or was the 2003 model the pinnacle of Honda engineering? Also, I...
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    I have a HM300 exhaust pipe for an early model, 1970/71 Honda CB750, lower right number 3. Brand new OEM never installed. Has been sitting in bubble wrap for many years. Unfortunately it has suffered a small ding and minor marks all in same area as shown. Does anyone have with insight on fair...
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    For Sale - 1972 Honda CB750 K2 - $6,700 Vancouver BC

    Hey folks, I am selling my beloved 1972 Honda CB750. I have taken care of this motorcycle since 2005 and it has been a complete joy. I have ridden it to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and up and down the west coast. I would never thought I would be selling it but...
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    Information for CB750

    Buying help | 1 Hey guys, I plan on buying a CB750 very soon but just to clarify, I'm a person that pays really big attention to details and by that I mean I want to know how should I start looking for the best one in terms of year of production and model in 'DETAILS' (by that I mean...