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So, I have an 82' 750c that i just rebuilt the carbs on. i got everything put back together after following this PDF https://www.cb750c.com/publicdocs/SeanG/Honda_Carb_Manual_revG.pdf
after re-attaching the carbs to the bike, and starting it, the bike idled at 4k. adjusting the pilots screws from 3 turns out all the way to 1 turn out after reading some forums. Have adjusted the High idle screw, the sync screws. Messed around with the throttle cable, and it will still idle high without the cable attached to the carb. i have managed to get the idle down to about 1750.
I do believe I have done everything that PDF said, on top of my research findings. just not sure what else to try? right now I am checking for vacuum leaks, some input of spots to check for those would be nice. also, just unsure what else to try? any tips or advice would be appreciated. thanks!
Your problem is probably in your synchronized... You need to bench it.. take your carbs off loosen your sink screws you're number 2 is what you will go off.. loosen until you physically see it move.. you will see two holes as a reference point set it to the very tip of the back one or to whatever gives you little to no throttle preferably no throttle then set the rest is ecactly the same... Just basic carburetor bench synchronization.


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