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  1. Z

    1980 CB750 Runaway Idle

    Hey guys, I have a 1980 CB750k that I bought for very cheap as a project bike. This is my first bike so everything is new and a learning experience. So let's get to the point of why I am making this post (I've tried researching all over before making this post). Essentially I have got the bike...
  2. P

    How does the choke work on this bike?

    When I pull up on the choke, the butterflies close and it idles higher. Push the choke down, the butterflies open, and it idles lower. This makes no sense to me. As a side note, the bike already idles too high (4500-5000) so I know the carbs need tuned bad. I’m just confused as to how...
  3. D

    First bike. High idle issues.

    So, I have an 82' 750c that i just rebuilt the carbs on. i got everything put back together after following this PDF https://www.cb750c.com/publicdocs/SeanG/Honda_Carb_Manual_revG.pdf after re-attaching the carbs to the bike, and starting it, the bike idled at 4k. adjusting the pilots screws...
  4. D

    Idle hangs up

    I have a 1980 cb750c. I got it from a guy for 575 dollars and he told me the carbs needed cleaned. Cleaned the carbs and found a vacuum leak. Got new boots and now there is no vacuum leak. The problem now is that it doesn't idle very well and if you rev it it will hang up at about 5 rpms and...
  5. B

    Super Sport revving to 5k on start up

    The previous owner said that the number 3 carb was leaking fuel out of the float bowl. Ran and idled fine. Took the carbs off, noticed only one of the float bowl drain screws had an O-Ring on it, replaced all four, no more leak. Put the carbs back on and it fired right up without the airbox on...
  6. D

    Engine bogs down in switching gears

    Fun issue after cleaning up the bike over the winter. Put in new plugs, a fuel filter after the petcock, cleaned the carbs and recently took the bike to get the carbs synced. Bikes idling around 20000 to 17000 rpm after warmed up for 10 minutes. Go out for a ride bogging a little in first then...