Clutch and oil problems


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Nova Scotia, Canada
I have a 1978 CB750F Supersport. Last fall I did an oil change and I removed the clutch assembly to inspect my plates. The clutch was slipping earler in the year, but after adjustment was working well. I have 6 friction plates the same and 6 steel plates all the same except one is a double. I also have an outside friction disc which is different from the others,(disk B). I tried to replace disc B, but I received the wrong one. It was too tight. The clutch would not disengage. I had to put it in storage right away. It leaked most of the oil while in storage, but I'm not sure from where. When I got it back I removed the new disc B and put the original one back in because I knew it was working the year before. Same thing. The clutch would not disengage. When I opened it back up, there was no oil coming out of the clutch basket. I soaked all the plates overnight. I started the bike without the clutch basket and the clutch cover and no oil leaked out. I think the clutch is not working because there is no oil getting to it. I can't figure out why. Any ideas ? My Clymer book shows a difference between my clutch and what they have. It shos a a spindle washer goes on befoere the basket goes in but I don't have one. Does anyone have a picture or diagram fron a more specific repair manual they could send me.