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Clutch very stiff and won't disengage


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Vancouver BC
Newbie here. Read all the posts in the clutch section. Still Stuck. Great help out there and hope my error can be pointed out to me.
I have a 82 CB900F with supposedly 29,000 Km on it. Looks like a rough life and been down a few times.
Engine now running okay after total clean and rebuild of carbs. Clutch always hard to pull and would barely disengage. New clutch cable as old one kinked. No joy. So rebuilt the clutch. All new friction and drive plates. Basket looks good with no nicks but honed the passages for the tabs for the friction plates anyway (lightly). Inner basket also in good shape and cleaned and smoothed. Checked shifter shaft and "ratchet" as well as the return springs on the shifting mechanism. All good. Washers, tabs etc. all in the right place and in correct order as per the manual. Plates soaked of course before installing. Riveted plate looks in good shape and was the only part I put back in. (From the advice, will likely replace with two solid single plates). When I reassembled it, I note that I needed to adjust the lifting arm mechanism all the way in which is opposite of what I expected as I thought even with slightly thicker new plates, it would need to be adjusted out. (I did need to adjust it inwards before touching anything and still had super hard pull and little disengagement.) Now when all adjusted, very hard pull at lever and if I have it running in 1st, I can get it to disengaged, just. By the way, the arm in the clutch cover works smoothly and appears in good condition as does the clutch push rod which is well lubricated. I was wondering if someone had put in shorter bolts for the lifter plate as this would tighten up the clutch but make it harder to pull and with new plates and springs, almost impossible. I didn't measure their length prior to assembly. Any thoughts appreciated.
Am I out of luck with my clutch? Darn. I'm hoping to avoid taking it to a shop. On the other hand, if there is advice for a good shop in or close to Vancouver BC that would be appreciated. All my motorcycle days were in Manitoba so I don't know what's what in the Pacific NorthWest. Thanks for any help.
Count plates and make sure all are there, there is no reason for the lever to be that hard at all. You can screw up on the spacers between inner hub and outer basket too.
Thanks AMC. Just what I was thinking. I shouldn't assume it was done right when I bought it should I? When the bolts arrive I'll take it apart again and count and align everything with the manual. I'll post how it all turns out.
'I shouldn't assume it was done right when I bought it should I?'

NEVER. But then I can find errors in OEM engines. I am never satisfied. It's part of my OCD thing.