Can I use this MAC exhaust set on my 1982 SuperSport?


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Hello, I bought a 1982 750 Super Sport last week. The exhaust has big holes in it on the underside. As part of the deal, I got a new, still in the plastic bags, MAC 1-1609 exhaust set. When I look at the MAC Performance website, I see that the recommended exhaust set is 1-2609. The 1-1609 is presented as fitting the Custom and K models. Does anyone know if the 1-1609 is close enough to work? Or do I need to swap/sell and get the right part number for the F model? thanks
The only difference there is the absolute hole location in space for the back final main muffler mount. It is easily modified to work fine. The engines are the exact same, just that the F bike aluminum plate in back puts the rear hole in a slightly different place.
I've learned a few more things about replacing this exhaust since June. For one thing , the MAC system is 12.5 pounds lighter than the stock system. Also, the welded tab on the underside of the left megaphone for the center stand didn't line up. The stand just came up and hit the bottom of the megaphone. I am trying to reduce the weight of this beast wherever I can, so I removed the center stand. Another 2 pound reduction. The instructions say to remove the spring with vise-grips. Heh. Another interesting thing was that the flanges of the new header tubes at the head were significantly thinner than stock. So much so that cylinders 1 & 4 required two exhaust gaskets to seal up tight and cylinders 2 & 3 required three each. And this was using the stock half circle spacers that go inside the final flange. Not the thin sheet metal spacers provided which appeared to be cut with a hacksaw. But it all went together. And then I came to the part where you try to get the view from the back to look half-way symmetrical.....

I think I spent more time on this than anything. Are the megaphones the same distance from the ground? Are they the same distance horizontally from the axle? Are they pointing in the same approximate direction? Are they the same length? After much adjusting, I think they are close enough. At 50 feet, at 50 miles per hour they look great.

The engine is running a bit rich, but I don't know if it's the result of the new pipes. I never rode it with the old ones. Since I got it, I've also replaced the tires (that was a physical fight), chain and sprockets, main fuse, and clutch lever. Also changed the oil & filter, bled the brakes, washed and waxed it, and greased the swingarm. Now to do a little riding.
FYI, the centerstand can still be used as a tool temporarily installed to get say front wheel off the ground but you MUST at least reinstall the bolts that clamp the centerstand to hold the pin in place. If you don't the bike weight will slowly bend the clamps out open and then break them off to make mounting the stand impossible.

Don't ask how I know that.....................