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79 CB750FZ throttle cable problem


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Kent 🇬🇧
Hi all, I have just swapped the handlebars on my 79 Cb750fz from the higher US bars to the Europe spec lower bars. My throttle cables are now too long and no matter how I route them they sometimes stick when operating the throttle.

Which models throttle cables would fit to fix this problem, ie shorter length cables.

Many thanks
You just haven't figured out how to run them, I have used even lower shorter bars to use same cables. All curves need to be gradual to eat more length up and not drag. Run the cable out opposite side of headlight from where they end up on bar, that can help a lot.

If all your carb springs are stout and no drag you can do away with the one cable that pulls carbs back shut but absolutely don't do it if they drag at all.