1. B

    Throttle Cable Routing, 1974 CB750

    I'm having some issues with throttle cables. When I adjust them with the bars straight they are fine, but if I turn the bars all the way right the cable gets too tight. I've gone thru the adjustment procedure, but still doesn't seem right. I have new OEM Honda cables, but it acted the same...
  2. B

    Honda CB 750 Custom Rattling Engine Noise

    Hello I have a restored Honda CB 750 Custom from 1981. The motorcycle has undergone a major renovation. Chains with tensioners, pistone rings, valve seals, pans and bushings have been replaced in the engine. The problem is that when I start the motorcycle on the choke, even on warm days, for...
  3. T

    Worn Camshaft Drive Questions on Repair

    I have a 1978 Honda CB750K. When I was idling the bike, the camshaft drive chain sounded like it was loose and hitting something. The Cam chain tensioner had already been completely tightened and the sound persisted. I pulled the engine and took a look at the Cam drive to find that that the...
  4. Sellner91

    First bike problems, Please Help!

    Hey guys, i recently bought a 1982 cb750k and have been getting it ready for this season. i have been experiencing a few issues that i don't know what could be causing them. the first issue I'm having is that when I'm heating up the bike the idle starts to run away and get up to around 4k rpm if...
  5. H

    CB750F1 Torque Link Hardware and Other Questions

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a 76 CB750F that is, unfortunately, missing some important hardware. I am missing parts 48, 28, 63, and 62 in the first attachment. These parts are the mounting hardware for the rear caliper torque link. I'm missing that hardware for the front mount and I can...
  6. Cookie_Boy

    Spark Plugs and oil change

    Hi - I just picked up a 1980 Custom - I'm pretty sure the plugs are original as the mileage is only 5k. What brand/spec are you guys liking for this? I looked up the originals (DEA9 or something) and not available anymore. And of course, I'll do an oil change - any tips on oil for this machine...
  7. G

    Engine cylinder protectors mentioned in Clymer manual

    I was thinking about winterizing and read in the Clymer manual about some Engine Cylinder Protectors that screw into the spark plug holes. A Google search didn't turn up anything like that. Clymer book refers to the Brookston Co. in Peterborough NH. Could that be a typo and they meant...
  8. T

    CB750K1 Front end hop

    I've been creeping for a while now and cant figure out what's causing my front end to hop between 30 and 55 mph. I just bought the bike 2 weeks ago. I noticed the hop on my second ride. About 35 mph it becomes noticeable. Its a very rhythmic bounce too, not constant through the whole ride but...
  9. J

    Newbie Question: Engine Tachometer Line Leaking *looks watery*

    Hey all, new guy here looking for some help. I'm new here and new to motorcycles and vehicle maintenance in general, so apologies in advance as I learn. I bought a 1978 CB750 Super Sport and looking to learn and grow as I work on this baby to hopefully bring her to her former glory. I've started...
  10. N

    New To Group Owner of Wacky Conversion

    Hi I am new to the group from Los Angeles. I bought a 178 CB750 that was customized to be driven by the sidecar so someone in a wheelchair can drive it. I haven't been able to get it to start if anyone is in LA or can reccomend anyone in LA who can help get it going. Thank you Here is the...
  11. Luis Etchenique

    '79 CB750F Super Sport -- Carburator Rebuild Kit

    Can anyone recommend a carb rebuild kit for a '79 CB750F Super Sport ? I have been told the '79 is *unique* in that it had metal tabs on the floats and "will need a flat top needle and seat", so I wanted to make sure I get the correct product. I would also like to replace the bolts with Allen...
  12. M

    Manuals for CB750 F2N 1993

    Hi All, Does anybody have that they would be willing to sell any Workshop or Owners manual for a CB750 F2N 1993 or know of any download resources please? Thanks, Mark.
  13. T

    Carb Sinc question.

    When you Sinc your carbs, all things being equal, what are your readings across the gages? Mine all fall in about 20 inches at idle when all are adjusted. It's the last thing I do after cam chain adjust, plug check, point gap and timing check and mixture check. Just wondering what everyone else...
  14. L

    Carb Leaking -- New to Vintage Bikes

    New member here! I recently acquired a 1979 cb750k on the local classifieds--not running, but otherwise in great condition with 12k miles on the odometer. I have no experience with older motorcycles, particularily carbs. The throttle was "stuck" and I discovered (after pulling the carbs out)...
  15. S

    Oil leaking from cover next to the oil pan.

    Hello Everyone, I have owned my 78 CB750 for a few years now and have constantly been chasing down an oil leak. I think I have narrowed it down to the circular cover that is appears to be held in place by an extrude from the oil pan (I attached an image for clarification). I was wondering if...
  16. D

    Dads Bike Has Issues

    So just like the title says my dads 1982 is having some issues crop up. I will try and give as much details as I can from the story that was told to me. Went out for a ride and about 3 minutes into it he headed up a hill gave it full throttle to help get up the hill and he got nothing more...
  17. C

    1983 CB650 Gear Lash

    Howdy, Bought a new (to me) 83 650. Overall really pleased with the shape that it's in. However, I noticed a large amount of gear lash, as in the rear wheel rotated about three to four inches between positive lock-up with an engagement surface someplace in the transmission. Makes it a little...
  18. S

    Looking for dual brake forks

    Hi, Thanks for letting me join, am in the process of restoring a 1982 CB750K am needing front forks for said bike, but it has duel front brakes, does anyone know where I might find any? Thanks
  19. U

    Engine Surging

    I'm interested in getting a honda cb750f supersport, and I found one listing on craigslist. Under the description, he mentioned that the bike has problems at higher RPMs so I messaged the seller and asked him about the "higher RPM issues" to which he replied with a video showing some engine...
  20. J

    Valve Lash ... how important?

    Working on non-running 82 CB750SC/Nighthawk. Replaced Coils and now firing on 4 instead of 1 cylinder. Still kills with throttle. Guessing Pilots. In meantime I wanted to check valve lash as I see many suggesting this is critical. spec is .08mm +.05 so 8 to 13, both intake and exhaust. All...
  21. C

    Any good mechanic recommendations in Orange County, CA

    I have a 72 CB750 in Orange, CA. Currently is not running. Want to get it checked out and am looking for someone in Orange/Corona area. Thanks.
  22. B

    Oil In Exhaust.

    Hey all, Just bought a 1980 CB750, since I have some spare time on my hands (Thanks Covid...). It came in a variety of parts, and its hard to tell how long it hasnt been running. I got it fully built yesterday and runs! Which is pretty good, not knowing anything about the history on it...
  23. E

    93 nighthawk 750 - leaking oil?

    Hey all, New to these parts and a bit of a dunce when it comes to mechanical stuff. I've got a 1993 Nighthawk 750 with 34,500 miles on it - bought it with 28k. I've ridden it a couple times offroad, enough to know that I should stop doing that - had the fork seals recently rebuilt as I had...
  24. B

    How to preform primary chain inspection?

    Hello, I have a 1982 cb750SC DOHC torn down. I'm inspecting major components before reassembly. I was curious if there is a validation / inspection for the primary chain length like there is for the cam chains? My primary drive train tensioner has some tearing to it on the outer most left side...
  25. B

    Lobe position on valve clearance check '81 CB750C

    Hi all, I'm in the middle of adjusting the valves on my '81 CB750C. From what I understand the cylinder pairs are supposed to be in line with each other as you rotate the crank right? In other words, when the notch on cylinder 4, exhaust side, is at the 3 o'clock position, then cylinders 1 and 3...
  26. J

    71 cb 750 question

    Does anyone know if the two coils on my 71 cb 750 can be rebuilt? When I say that, I mean can the coil wires be replaced? Im aware the boot end comes off, but does the other end of the lead twist off the coil? Regards......
  27. B

    Inconsistent compression across all cylinders CB750C DOHC

    Hi all, I'm a new member here. With all this time at home I finally had a chance to get to a couple of projects. I just did a compression test on my '81 CB750C, wet, cold, and I got these results in, cylinder 1: 145, 2: 150, 3: 167, 4: 142. From high to low thats more than 17% so I know that is...
  28. L

    1980 CB 750k, rotor side oil seal

    Is the oil seal behind the rotor coil serviceable without removing the motor and splitting the case? And is a minor oil leak/drip in this area detrimental to the coil, stater, or brushes? Any info or advice is appreciated. I just finishing up installing a new rotor, and stater coil, don't want...
  29. D

    Service Manual 1980 CB750C

    Hi everyone, I thought it would of been the first thing I would find here, but not yet ! I'm looking for the service manual for my 1980 CB 750 C, any ideas where I can find it ? Thanks.
  30. R

    Help: Engine breakin and cylinder block,head surface clean

    So, I had to buy a replacement camshaft cap for the tachometer drive (since my broke) for my '79 DOHC CB750, had it checked for clearance and alignment at a reputable machine shop. The technicians have said that the cap will do and now I am in the process of putting together the head on the...