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Throttle Cable Routing, 1974 CB750


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I'm having some issues with throttle cables. When I adjust them with the bars straight they are fine, but if I turn the bars all the way right the cable gets too tight. I've gone thru the adjustment procedure, but still doesn't seem right. I have new OEM Honda cables, but it acted the same with new Motion Pro cables, so I think the cables are fine.

When I got the bike it had different handle bars with longer cables. I replaced the bars with stock reproduction ones, the switch/throttle is located to the bars with the locating pin, bars were already drilled. I've had the carbs off and rebuilt. I've never had the cables feel right.

It seems like the return cable is the one causing the issues. When I disconnect the return it works fine.
Can someone post some pictures of how the cables are routed thru the headlight area and along the frame to the carb? I found some pictures, but some of them are conflicting, or the person had low bars. It's a 1974 CB750.