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  1. A

    CB750 RC42 stem specs?

    Can anyone help me with this info please? Stem lengths measured from the bottom washer under the race and seal: Total= ?? To bottom of top threads = ?? To top of threads for load nut = ?? To bottom of threads for load nut = ?? I´m currently working on a project and need this info, thanks
  2. A

    1995 Rear Brake Pedal replacement

    Hello all, I have done a little searching, but as of yet, I obviously haven't found the info I was looking for. I am a new rider, and make a mistake while changing the oil. Needless to say, I dropped the bike, and bent the rear brake pedal. It's still operable, but the pad is angled at an...
  3. H

    1969 Throttle Cables...

    HELLO... Can one of the early CB750 experts out there confirm the differences between the early 1969 4into1 throttle cable part numbers 17910-300-010 and 17910-300-030. As I understand/guess the 17910-300-010 cables had a larger end nipple (5mm) on the carb side that locks into the throttle...
  4. N

    Clutch cable routing

    I recently bought a 1977 CB750K and have been getting it ready to go back on the street. Just about everything is done except installing a new clutch cable. I'm having trouble figuring out the routing. I know it goes behind the headlight pan but it's awful tight in there with lots of...
  5. F

    79 CB750FZ throttle cable problem

    Hi all, I have just swapped the handlebars on my 79 Cb750fz from the higher US bars to the Europe spec lower bars. My throttle cables are now too long and no matter how I route them they sometimes stick when operating the throttle. Which models throttle cables would fit to fix this problem, ie...
  6. E

    Starter Solenoid Connectors

    Howdy, I have a new harness and I'm trying to figure out how to connect the solenoid. I do not have one currently on the bike, so i'm replacing the whole solenoid. But, there are two nodes that need to be connected to something. Here are my questions This photo shows the connector...
  7. C

    81 Honda CB750 parts

    Full original front end brand new tire never been on the road All upper controls work and cluster is working 2 rear wheels with drum brake Original exhaust Let me know if you need anything I am in the process of upgrading the bike will likely have more parts to sell.
  8. C

    81 Honda CB750 parts

    Full original front end brand new tire never been on the road All upper controls work and cluster is working 2 rear wheels with drum brake Original exhaust Let me know if you need anything I am in the process of upgrading the bike will likely have more parts to sell.
  9. C

    Make Offer - 81 Honda CB750 parts

    Full original front end brand new tire never been on the road All upper controls work and cluster is working 2 rear wheels with drum brake Original exhaust Let me know if you need anything I am in the process of upgrading the bike will likely have more parts to sell. Will ship anywhere.
  10. G

    CB750A 1976

    I have installed a CB750A into a golf cart and I cannot engage the tranny into forward gear. Since I am not using a kickstand, I believe this maybe my problem. Can anyone tell me how this works and what the solution is? Thanks, Dean
  11. K

    Favorite Grips

    Hi all, Just finished a 74K project, and have discovered that I hate the original prickly Honda hand grips. Does anyone have a recommendation for comfortable and functional grips that they have used? I'm thinking of maybe going with the British style grips like those on my '78 Triumph...
  12. U

    speedo recommendations

    not sure if this is the right place to post this but its the best I could find. I'm looking to mount a mini speedo somewhere on my bobber. having some issues finding any good ideas. I do NOT want to mount it on the bars!!!! thinking about making a mount on the fork tube and mounting it to the...
  13. L

    Advice on my 81 CB750F Cafe Build *Pictures Included*

    Hey guys, so I'm new to this forum, and as this is my first cafe build, I could use some advice. First, I'll show you what I'm working with: 1981 CB750F Super Sport - lots of aesthetic work done already so what are my plans? - black rear springs and housings/front and rear...
  14. surveywaters

    Shoter throttle pull

    I have a '78 750k and I'd like a shorter roll on the throttle. Currently I have to over reach the grip to be able to roll it all the way on. I don't need a 1/4 turn just better than stock while retaining the OEM switrch housing.
  15. E

    Best Cafe Racer Handle Bars for K2 ?

    Hi all. doing the café racer conversion on my K2...... want to replace the stock handle bars....what is a good set of straight or nearly straight bars that you've used, a handle bar that I DONT need to swap out clutch / throttle cables nor the other control cables ? ...want to use existing...
  16. M

    Headlight Bulb Upside-Down?

    I have a new-to-me '83 CB1000C which came with the OEM fairing installed. I took it off and installed the original headlight but it seems like when I flip on the high beam it lights up my front tire instead of way ahead of me- Looking at the filaments, it looks like when the high beam is...
  17. RickRR

    Right switch mayhem ! need help.

    Hi guy's new here , I needed to replace both my control on my 750f 78 so I decided to replace them with more modern one . I didnt know it was going to be this tuff to figure out .. So my understanding is : power come in trough the Yellow-red ,in the red main switch split from yellow-red to...
  18. R

    1979 750k speedo stripped

    Hey gang - so I've joined the club of many 750k owners who have had to replace their speedo cable.... Yet, when they got to it the screw for the cable at the base was stripped out (or they stripped it). Does anyone offhand know the size of that screw that would be needed to replace the one...
  19. S

    Rearset help please...

    I posted this on the SOHC forum and got no responses. Maybe somebody, anybody can point me in the right direction? "I want to install some rear sets for my 77 CB750K7. Quality is what I'm after. There seems to be a very limited availability for the 1977 K7. Am I wrong? Any pointers on which...
  20. Nam Point Man

    Forward Controls

    Where can I find Blue Prints for Forward Controls, I am building a 71 750 Chopper
  21. M

    Rebuilt CB750F revving out of control

    I recently purchased a rebuilt 1976 CB750F and everything was running good. Then today I tried to drive it to work, was going down the freeway, when I let go of the throttle and the bike wouldnt slow down. I pulled in the clutch and it started revving out of control. So I hit the kill switch and...
  22. J

    Handlebars won't be tightened

    Hi. I just bought a K6 yesterday and I have a problem with the handlebars which are some aftermarket clubman bars. The problem is that I can't seem to tighten them enough to fix them. The bars don't have those grooves in the middle and it seems that I need to tighten way too much just to make...
  23. M

    1982 CB750SC aftermarket speedo/odometer

    I just acquired my dad's 1982 Nighthawk 750 that he bought brand new when he was 22. It has 12,000km on it and runs great now that a friend has tuned it up. I need a new battery, exhaust, front brakes, caliper rebuilds, tires, and fork seals to get it street-ready. One thing that bugs me about...
  24. F

    Throttle Cable

    Hey, everyone I'm just curious if anyone can point me in the right direction, towards replacement throttle cables. Thank you!
  25. visorclown

    Throttle Sticking

    Hello everyone, I have a problem that I've read a little bit about but haven't found a solution for my issue. So, here it is. I just changed out my stock handlebars from a 1980 CB750F to a set of clubman bars. Obviously there is some slack in the cables and things like that. THere is a ben in...
  26. B

    Help with Bars

    Just tried to set my clubman bars on the upper tree. They fit well but I want to use the stock electrics and master cylinder. With the Master Cylinder in place the bar end is too short for the stock switch which leaves the throttle tube overhanging the bar by several inches. If I rotate the...
  27. H

    Regulator/rectifier going bad? Also no left turn signal.

    I put a fresh battery in my bike and after 3-4 weeks it wouldn't start. I charged it over night and there were no problems the next morning. When it gets low my headlight starts to flash a little, especially when using turn signals. Is the battery not charging? About turn signals, my left...
  28. A

    Hello, new to the cb750 world, diving in and would like some electrical help.

    First of all I'd like to say hi, my name is Rick, and I'm an addict. I really enjoy these old motorcycles though I've been lucky enough over the last three years to skirt heavy electrical issues. I started riding when I was 17, and shifted my weight to older model bikes over the years. This is...
  29. J

    '78 CB 750 SOHC - Idle and Rev-down issue

    I recently purchased a '78 CB 750 from a local. The thing starts right up and runs after some minor adjustments to the choke and idle screw. After warming up, it runs pretty well, but I have been unable to take it for a drive yet. I'm working on it with a friend, and we were able to accelerate...
  30. I

    Brake lever not springing back

    Hi Onto the next part of the rebuild. I am looking at brakes The front brake lever and assuming at this point the lines are full of air and no fluid. I removed the front brake unit as the lever does not return or spring back Rather than buying another unit I would like to see if I can fix...