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  1. Giampa Booja

    4 into 2 dilemma, kickstand mount trouble

    A friend gave me a set of 4 into 2 pipes off his 750 F. I thought they would look/be/sound better that the raggedy-a 4 into 4 on my '82 750 Custom. After getting the bike up on the centerstand, I removed the kickstand and old 4/4s. Got the 4/2 in place, nothing snugged down, checking the...
  2. A

    Question about CB 750 Sevenfifty RC42 rear wheel

    Hi guys, I own a Honda bike (not a CB750) but I´m willing to customize it using a pair of CB 750 RC42 wheels, but first I need to know the distance from the center of the wheel to the inner side of the sprocket, I´ve found some offers in ebay and asked the sellers about it, but no reply so far...
  3. S

    1981 cb750k parts interchangeable with cb900

    hello in australia needing help with knowing what parts from a cb900 will fit a 1981 cb750k, just got myself an excop bike complete in rough shape from sitting for 4 years but it runs, needs tune . biggest problem is the 4 into 4 mufflers a trash, eaten through, looking for replacement that...
  4. HardCandy1


    Please help. I just got a 76 CB750E motor in a Ridged frame w/ springer front in the guy I bought it from clearly stated it runs. but runs like crap if the battery is low. but nothing else is wrong. well I bought it knowing it could possibly be a untrue. just needed something to help me get back...
  5. L

    Help, Advice, direction appreciated

    I have a 76 750hondamatic frame- a 74 750 sohc engine, and I am beginning to part search and try to get a build plan. I know i want a cafe style bike, clips ons and moto gadget controls and a cbr1000 fork swap, however i have to get it going before i worry about the cosmetics. So with that...
  6. B

    Starter Solenoid Help

    Hi all, I'm rewiring my '81 CB750C. I just got to the starter solenoid, which I assume is the original, OEM unit. I see the 4 male connectors go to the reg/rec, starter switch, ignition switch, and clutch diode but I'm unable to find out which one is which. Is there a way to test them? Does...
  7. F

    1976 Cb750K in a 1976 CB750A Frame

    Hi there, I have a 1976 CB750A and he chance to buy a rebuilt CB750K engine. Can I transplant that engine into the frame of the 750A? I would have to add an oil tank and perch for the clutch, but will the motor mounts line? Thank you!
  8. T

    refill oil

    i am not ashamed to ask since this is the first time ive worked on a cb750. i drained all the oil in my 1976 cb750f and when i went to refill it the only spot i saw to fill oil in the bike was the oil tank on the right side of the bike. which it only took three qts. is there another location to...
  9. S

    Crankcase stuck

    I've recently started a rebuild/restoration project on a 1980 Honda CB750C. This is my first project ever so still pretty new to everything. While taking off the crank case, it seems to be stuck at a point around the stator rotor. The rest of the crank case can be lifted upward just fine, but...
  10. F

    Fabricated/DIY removable rear cowl?

    Hi, I'm starting a cafe build on a 1980 CB750F and working on my bill of materials to get everything ordered. I planned on making a 2-up seat and using/building a removable rear cowl when my wife isn't riding. There seem to be several available on e-bay, but given the frame is a little more...
  11. tjurek51

    Piston to Valve Clearances

    Bike: 1980 CB750F Supersport. I'm installing a new camshaft which is much higher lobed than the stock camshafts (Webcam Grind #110, part 55-491). I'm new to this precision measurement stuff, but here's what i have; Valve lift: .395" (10.03mm) on both Exhaust and Intake. Starting at 20 degrees...
  12. mrbigelow

    New bike -- high a** idle issues

    Hello all! First post here, thanks for having me! Just picked up a 1981 CB750F yesterday. The bike is mint as heck. Completely re-built top to bottom. Motor is completely rebuilt by a Honda tech, as well as the transmission. Only about 400 (ish) miles on the new build. It's got a full...
  13. Fatherof2

    Carb sync question.....

    Hi Gang, Jut got my vacuum gage and am getting ready to sync the carbs on my 93NH. The instructions say that I should have the choke full on while doing the sync. I have read a bunch of info on the net and watched a number of videos on carb syncing and I have never seen anyone have the choke...
  14. B

    Not getting cross hatching when cylinder honing

    Hi guys, I just tried to hone my cylinders but I wasn't getting 45 degree cross hatching so I stopped. It looks flatter, closer to 120 degrees. Why is that? Am I not moving the hone in and out fast enough? Or is the drill spinning too fast? Before...
  15. Fatherof2

    I have a dead cylinder and low compression.

    Hi Gang, I have a 93 NH750. The number two cylinder is not working, but the compression is 85. I completely cleaned the carbs. Full tear down, carbs separated and cleaned with new jets installed. Brand new plugs. Swapped plug wires. Nothing worked. Compression in 1,3 & 4 is 60. I am pretty...
  16. W

    1979 CB750 noob. Fender. They gave me the parts but didn't give me the bolts

    Hi, all. I'm coming to you as an ignorant noob, hat in hand, with my first motorcycle and a ton of capacity for learning (aka, I don't know anything). I bought my 750 from an old coworker who told me it was a 1989. I'm not mad about that (it's very cheap and it runs) but it did lead to a few...
  17. E

    Broken Throttle Arm Connection

    Rebuilding 1981 CB750K. Rebuilt the carbs and reinstalled on the bike. Now I realize somewhere in the project I broke one of the arms off the throttle arm that holds the pull cable Now it will not secure. Have not found the broken arm piece. Not a replaceable part. Any suggestions are welcome!
  18. Fatherof2

    Slight stumble at the bottom of 1st - 3rd gear.

    Hi Gang, First post! I just bought a 93 NH750. 22K miles, 1200 bucks. Bike is in pretty nice shape overall. I have not put many miles on it yet, but I notice that the bike kind of hesitates at the bottom of 1st - 3rd gear. When I start off in first, there is a slight hesitation and then when I...
  19. Y

    Jetting for 1976 CB750 K6 with PODS

    I apologize as I'm sure this has been asked before but I was unable to find it with the search bar. I have my carbs pulled apart (along with the rest of my bike) and want to put the correct sized jets in while it's easy. Any ideas on what jet sizes I should use? I have independent pod filters...
  20. Y

    Good Carb Rebuild Kit Suggestions

    Does any one have a carb rebuild kit they would recommend. It's for my 1976 CB750-K.
  21. E

    How to replace the rear turn signals on a 92 Nighthawk

    Hi! I am trying to figure out how to replace the rear turn signals with new replacement ones for my 1992 Nighthawk 750... the BikeMaster ones that match the original Honda part... the front seemed to be pretty close and I was able to do the front no problem as the connections were in the...
  22. P

    Just got a free one!!!

    So a friend was looking to get rid of a "mystery" bike. I had no idea what it was. For free, just needed it out of the yard or it was going to the dump. It ran a year ago, sat outside this winter in VT. It was mild. He just wanted to pass it on to make it useful. I said at the least I...
  23. G

    Turn Signal Problem 77 CB750F Supersport

    I am experiencing a problem with my turn signals. 1. Is there a way the beeper can be disconnected? 2. When I put the switch for Left or Right they will not osolate. It just beep but no signal. the signal trys to work but will not work. If you manually use the turn signal switch the lights...
  24. B

    Inconsistent compression across all cylinders CB750C DOHC

    Hi all, I'm a new member here. With all this time at home I finally had a chance to get to a couple of projects. I just did a compression test on my '81 CB750C, wet, cold, and I got these results in, cylinder 1: 145, 2: 150, 3: 167, 4: 142. From high to low thats more than 17% so I know that is...
  25. D

    new to the forum, looking for some advise\answers about a 1979 cb750

    afternoon, new to the old school bikes but not to riding. always wanted an old cafe setup so, in short i bought a 1979 cb 750 super sport and am looking to build it as a cafe racer. had to buy a motor for it though. the carb was left open and got water into the engine. valves locked up with rust...
  26. R

    Primary Chain tensioner and oil feed pipe

    Honda CB750K 1980. Dissasembling the engine some small ball and washer drop from somewhere. I has not been able to find in any manual where they came from ( service manual / Haynes / Cymer). I need some help. I attach a picture. Best Regards
  27. L

    79' CB750K Missing 5th gear

    Howdy ya'll I Purchased a 79' CB750K last spring and when I finally got it running n' driving I noticed that there was no fifth gear. Meaning, above 4th, it just didn't go anywhere. Did the research figured it was the shift drum stopper (maybe one of the pins fell out). I opened it up a few...
  28. L

    posting pics of my restoration

    looking for help posting my pics, any advice on file types, file size limits, ........ tried before without any success. just need some help to get me pointed in the right direction, thanks:cool:
  29. G

    Rear Brake Light will not work

    I have a 77 CB750F. With the std 1157 bulb the brake light will not come on. I bought a new LED bulb thinking the bulb was burned out. The LED brake light will come on but very dim. I figure I have a bad wire (resistance) or brake switch. I have 12 volts at the bulb on both terminals.Anyone...
  30. R

    Help: Engine breakin and cylinder block,head surface clean

    So, I had to buy a replacement camshaft cap for the tachometer drive (since my broke) for my '79 DOHC CB750, had it checked for clearance and alignment at a reputable machine shop. The technicians have said that the cap will do and now I am in the process of putting together the head on the...