1. S

    CB750 Nighthawk exhaust fit CB750f2w?

    Hi Guys, I have a 1998 cb750 f2w that has an exhaust that is rotting away and needing yearly welding jobs to get it through the mot. The time has come to replace it but other than getting one custom made (expensive) or buying a genuine Honda one (even more expensive) there only a few options. A...
  2. D

    Uneven Idle?

    Im currently in the process of troubleshooting my bike and am in need of some expert advice. So here is my situation, got caught in the rain the other day and the bike died on me. I let everything dry out and the next day it fired up, only this time the idle was incredibly uneven and hesitant...
  3. D

    4 into 4?

    Does anyone know where I can buy an 4 into 4 aftermarket exhaust for my 1980 cb750f supersport? I cant seem to find them anywhere. thanks
  4. U

    '74 CB750 4 to 1 header on '78 CB750K - Will it fit?

    I'm looking for a 4 to 1 header for my '78 CB750K8. My friend has a '74 CB750 with 4 to 1 exhaust which he doesn't want, so he asked me if I want to buy it from him. This exhaust is exactly what I'm looking for but I'm not sure it will fit my '78. So... will it fit?
  5. H

    Amazing sounds of Honda

  6. D

    Crush Gasket Replacement

    My Exhaust gaskets were recently replaced last year. I took my pipes off to do some exhaust rapping. Do I need to change my crush/exhaust gaskets each time I take my pipes off or since I changed them last year I should be ok? Thanks for the help!
  7. L

    Vance & Hines exhaust on an F1?

    So, the Vance & Hines headers for the F2 look great, but I have a 76 F1. Does anyone know if they will fit the older motors? Or if there is a reasonable way to make it work?
  8. N

    1977 B750K Stock Exhaust Mounting

    I have a 1977 CB750K with 4 into 2 pipes. I was able to find a nice set of stock pipes and mufflers. After much digging I was also able to get the rare R & L mounting brackets but I think I'm missing something. Would someone with a stock system be kind enough to send me pictures of how the...
  9. N

    1977 vs 1978

    I have an opportunity to buy a complete 1978 CB750 Exhaust system. Does anyone know if they will fit on my 1977 CB750?
  10. J

    MAC black exhaust

    Anyone using Mack black 4 into one exhaust? Opinion, any problems regrets?
  11. B

    drag pipe question

    hey just a quick exhaust question about my 76CB750F, I've read a bunch of different opinions one way or the other about drag pipes, I like the sound I could get out of them as well as the look(I love the symmetry of a 4-into-4 setup) but from what I've read I could lose all by bottom end power...
  12. H

    Exhaust wraps.

    On quite a few of people's pictures of their bike I've seen their exhausts wrapped up in tape. What is the purpose of it and how does it help?
  13. T

    how to fix or alternatives

    Hi y'all. I just picked me up an 82 cb750sc and I have a question. One of the muffler ccans on the 4 into 4 has completely rusted and broke off. Should I, cut the others off and try to make some sort of baffles? Or try and clean it as best I can and seal it with muffler fix tape stuff from...
  14. D

    Four into two right side exhaust.

    Hello I am super super new to this cb750 world I have a 1975 cb750k and I would like to change the stock exhaust four into two each side to a four into two right side. What has worked for you and where did you get how much did it run you and lastly does anyone wanna sell a set? Thanks in...
  15. F

    Oil in exhaust?

    I just had a valve job done by a very competent man. He also synced the carbs and tuned them. Cam chains were tensioned properly (while engine is warm). He found that one spark plug wasn't seated right because of tiny debris, fixed that. But for some reason I still get some, and he isn't sure...
  16. O

    Original exhaust

    Is it possible to acquire original exhaust systems for a full restoration? If yes, where?
  17. jrulec


    can some one tell me what is a good loud pipes . i can get for my 750 i like to get mean sound . let me know thanks.
  18. A

    Looking for aftermarket 4 into 4 exhaust for a 1976 Cafe project

    building a 1976 CB750 with Tracy body work and invader 6 spoke wheels. Existing bike is straight out of the 80's.
  19. S

    Exhaust pipes are un evenly hot

    Just got a bike, fired it up and noticed that the left center header is not as hot upon warm up as the other three. I'm guessing a carb adjustment is in order? A familiar symptom to anyone? it's a 1980 K
  20. B

    to paint or to wrap

    Hey everyone the exhaust on the bike is kinda rough who has experience with rattle can paint and what was the results and which brand did you use. I know wrap is a quick cover up but it also how's moisture which will create a hidden possible problem correct?
  21. B

    open pipes and pod filters

    Hey guys its me again, so i sit and stare at the bike and try and visualize where i want it to end up as far as my perfect cafe racer its a 75 750f with an 836 kit in it allegedly it has pod filters and a mac 4-1 exhaust I've been thinking about taking the muffler off and letting the exhaust...
  22. S

    1972 Honda CB750 With RPM Limiter .....Video

    Tell me what you guys think about the sound of the this thing with the megaphone exhaust and RPM limiter.
  23. S

    CB500 Hardtail Exhaust Dragging

    Anyone have any suggestions or solutions for dragging exhaust pipes? The bike's been hardtailed and sits low. When I go through curves I scrape or come very close. I've gone through two hose clamps & I'm starting to lose the header wrap. I'm running stock exhaust that's been run 4-2 & cut off...
  24. Sprocket

    SOHC 750 Crossover pipes

    I built these pipes for my chop. They are straight drags but can be built with collectors for 4-2 pipes that sound way different than what you're useed to. Cylinders 2&3 and 1&4 are paired together. This changes the firing order you hear from both sides of the bike, and aids in exhaust...