1. W

    I bought a 1978 CB750F yesterday, thought I would start with a muffler

    This is my first post so please let me know of any etiquette infractions. I bought my first Honda, a 1978 CB750F, yesterday. It's in pretty good shape all things considered but I thought I would start with a muffler to keep the neighbors at bay. I don't necessarily need OEM but I would like to...
  2. M

    1979 CB750KZ RC01 Correct exhaust driving me mad

    Hi Thought I'd posted this but cant find it so posting again! I'm looking for some guidance as to what is the correct exhaust/muffler set up for the above bike. Is it 4into 4 separate pipes 4 into 4 but fixed as 2 pairs 4 into 2 fixed into pairs Thanks in advance Oh and any HM or Sankei...
  3. K

    1981 CB750 K and C

    Even though the part #s are different .Do these exhaust interchange,,.? And if not what is the reason,.,?
  4. MagicMoose

    Non-noisy 4-1 exhaust system?

    I really like the look of 4-1 exhaust, but am wondering if it will increase the sound significantly. I'd like to keep my bike on the quiet side. I especially like the 4-2-1 MAC Honda...
  5. L

    Oil in exhaust. Engine is unstable

    I own a Honda CB750 F2C Boldor (1983) After buying a motorcycle for a while was turned on - did the engine work fine. Rustled only cam chain I replaced the cam chain and guides, replaced the gaskets and valve seal, checked the pistons and cylinders (everything was OK, compression 8.3-8.5)...
  6. S

    What is the best header paint?

    My newly acquired 1980 CB750K has a mac 4 into 1 header that needs work. Previous owner has repacked the muffler but the paint is missing in action. Just wondering what brand of high temp paint I should use on it. Anyone have a favorite? I've used VHT in the past on engines with good results.
  7. L

    exhaust question K6

    Hi, absolutely new here, but not to CB750's or motorcycles. I am extremely lucky and i wont hide that fact. I had a '75 CB among other bikes back when i as young as i am old enough that they were common back then. 30+ years ago, but that is for the introduction thread. I found a 1976 Cb 750K...
  8. B

    1976 CB750 F1 SS single muffler

    My resto of this my 3rd F1 needs a muffler. I have been searching for 8 months. On my last resto I found a NOS in the box. Expensive but worth it. Can anyone put me in contact with the right person. I live in Australia and we are a long way from resources like those in the US. Thanks.
  9. K

    Current advice on exhaust options

    Hi y'all, My '74 CB750k4 is in great condition, all original, 10k miles and runs fine. Headers are good, but the mufflers are badly rusted out. For me, this bike is a nice looking classic rider, not a concours restoration project. I'm looking for some input to help me decide what replacement...
  10. T

    Exhaust Rubbing on Oil Pan 1982 CB750

    I just bought a 1982 CB750, can not confirm if it's a custom or just a 750k. But anyway, I rode it for 2 days around town and there was no leaking on this bike! Took it for about an hour ride on the weekend and the following morning I found a small puddle of oil! With further inspection and...
  11. lbaylog

    Need 72-76 Lower Left Exhaust - HM341 IL Trying to finish restore

    Hello, I am trying to finish the restoration of a 1976 CB750k. Only one part left - the Lower left exhaust pipe also know is "inner left" marked HM341 IL I've been checking ebay for weeks with no luck finding one without holes or cracks. Please contact me via email or respond to post if you...
  12. H

    Loud nighthawk

    Hello, I am new here and just bought a 1991 750 Nighthawk from an older guy who gave up riding. He had taken the rear baffles out of the mufflers and it is giving me a lot of deceleration backfiring now. I am looking for some replacement baffles as I would like to keep this bike in original...
  13. SurferD

    Ripple Rock Racers/Hindle stainless exhaust

    Anyone used these? https://www.ripplerockracers.com/product/honda-dohc-cb750kcb750f-hindle-stainless-steel-exhaust-systems-to-fit-1979-83/ they look very high quality. I was going to go with MAC but I think I'll get this instead.
  14. B

    just bought this bad boy and wondering what make is this exhaust?

    Hello forum,I just joined as i recently bought this k3 cb750. I wasn't planning on buying a bike but I saw this listed and I pulled the trigger and bought it! Just wondering if anybody knows the maker of this exhaust? Cheers!
  15. 7

    MAC 4 to 1 exhaust (Canister Style) with stock airbox questions

    I am looking at getting a MAC 4 to 1 exhaust (Canister style) for my CB750C street fighter style build. Just a few questions (I did a search but found nothing for my situation, if so, please attach a link for post). For the exhaust I want (Mac 4 to 1 canister style) with STOCK airbox, would...
  16. F

    Smoking... Then not... Then again...

    Hi folks, first post here. I'm driving home to NC from Utah at the moment and I'm considering a spur of the moment purchase of a motorcycle in the Wichita KS area. I'd prefer to drive it home rather than trailer it. The bike is a 1979 10th Anniversary Honda CB750. Here is a link to the ad for...
  17. B

    I'm looking for

    I have a V&H pipe on a '92 Nighthawk 750 and want to swap it, or buy, a stock 2-into-2 unit.
  18. B

    Swap a V&H pipe for stock pipe

    I recently picked up a 92 Nighthawk750 with a vance and hines 4-1 pipe and want to swap it for a stock pipe. anyone interested. I'm in SoCal.
  19. D

    Repair/rechrome 1977 4into4 muffler

    I'm restoring my 1977 CB750 Four K. One of the 4-into-4 mufflers has some bad chrome. Where can I get it repaired/rechromed? If this is not possible, what are the alternatives? I can't help but feel someone's been through this.....yes?
  20. P

    1980 CB750k Delkevic Exhaust

    Hey all, Back early in the summer I bought the Delkevic Megaphone Exhaust for my 1980 cb750k. Link below...
  21. Markuli

    Aftermarket Exhaust Input Welcomed

    It's me again everyone! So now that my bike is running well, I'd like to change the exhaust that's on it currently. It's definitely not stock, as '79 K models came with 4-4 exhausts and this is a 4-2. It has no markings anywhere, and the end caps on the mufflers are solid sheet steel cups...
  22. T

    Rejetting Question and Assitance Please(new)

    Hey everyone, Recently new rider. Just bought my second bike to learn more about bikes. I got a 1993 Honda CB750 Nighthawk. The previous owner was cafe racer customizing it and did some changes. One of which was adding K&N individual air pods. I was told by him that the I would need to rejet...
  23. S

    Difference between 750L and 750K

    Howdy! I recently acquired a pretty beat up bike, which by running the VIN number was found to be a 1979 CB 750L. Just looking at this bike I know the air box is missing, and I'm sure there are going to be multiple other parts I find that I need as I start tearing it down. So my main question...
  24. Y


    What is the best site to get exhaust parts for my k7? Looking online but can't seem to find anything decent. Thank you
  25. 7

    4 to 2 exhaust for my 78 cb750k

    looking for a good used 4 to 2 exhaust for my 78 cb750k , or good mufflers for the existing 4-4
  26. S

    FS: Stock CB750 Exhaust 1980

    New to the CB750 forums. I have a 1980 CB750F and selling the stock exhaust off the bike. Its had some good use but works great. $175 OBO
  27. V

    1982 CB900 Custom rechroming//removing baffles

    New member here working on a 900 custom and am about to get the stock 4 into 4 pipes rechromed. The chrome shop wants the baffles out, broken down to bare minimum before I bring them to them. My boss, the owner, does not want to change the exhaust style, so while I know that it would be...
  28. gychee

    1977 750k exhaust alternatives

    Looking for muffler replacement, ideas welcome.
  29. The Jimbonaut

    Decent cylinder compression but cold exhaust?

    Just finished a valve clearance check, replaced a few shims and now have 0.005" clearances across the board. Emptied a can of Honda's carb/combustion chamber cleaner into the carb intakes and compression check now looks better - #1 - 140 (130 before) #2 - 150 (same) #3 - 165 (150 before) #4 -...
  30. B

    Any tricks to getting stuck exhaust mounting screws on the two center cylinders out?

    I had to use an impact screwdriver to get the screws loose on the two outside cylinders. The issue is that I can't get the finned "collar" far enough out of the way to get at the screws with anything other than a normal screwdriver. They hit the frame before they slide far enough down the pipe...