1. D

    Looking for parts

    Looking to purchase a #4 upper exhaust pipe that's in reasonably good condition for '78 CB750K.
  2. R

    K2 CB750 Exhaust

    1. I have a 72 K2 that i am restoring - however the mufflers are rotted, does any one know where i can find reasonable priced replacements - want to stay with 4 into 4. I found the M-tek Chukyo 1,641.00 us and Yamiya M066 1,490.00 us (Both are more then i can afford) 2. Has any...
  3. L

    Wanted - OEM 4 - 4 exhaust for a 1977 CB 750K

    Looking to replace the rusted out 4 - 4 exhaust to restore the 750K to original. Any leads in US or Canada would be appreciated. Most of the eBay offerings not the right year or no longer available. Thanks for any help.
  4. P

    New (not really) but now I'm ????

    I've been collecting CB-650's and 750's, my grandson (HotRod) has chosen a 750sc as his. "Him and pop" gonna fix it just how he wants it. He has also let it be known that the Vetter setup; fairing, lowers, bags and trunk goes on his motorcycle. Only problem is the 750sc exhaust is to high...
  5. M

    slip on advice

    Hi all. I really like my bike. Really DON'T like my turnout exhaust. The pipes are all fine... don't want to buy new headers - would ideally just love to swap out the turnouts for something like this: http://4into1.com/mac-universal-chrome-slip-on-kick-up-taper-tip-mufflers-1-5/ but it seems...
  6. poisonivy

    Jetting 1974 CB750 with 4 into 1 and/or Stacks

    I'm naively trying to create a post that will be part resource for those needing to properly jet the K4 or relative for 4-into-1 and/or stacks. Before my head is ripped off, I'm not pushing for pods although success stories (no dead-zones, tuning nightmares, etc.) with pods + 4-1 are welcome...
  7. G

    New user intro

    Hi Just a short introduction. I have been the proud owner of 750KZ since new in 1979. Tried many times to get a replacement 4 into 4 even tried to find someone who could reproduce. Any body got any good ideas. It had a 4 into 1 for a while but never happy with that. Much appreciated John M
  8. Mcgyver

    how long can i make my pipes????

    hi guys I'm redoing my bobber and i have decided to go with 4 single pipes.I was wanting to get a bit radical and run them out past the rear tire.is this possible and what kind of problems am i going to encounter trying this?
  9. S

    Exhaust gasket type

    I'm about to fit a Marving 4-2 exhaust to my CB750KZ - the copper exhaust gaskets just seem a tiny bit too big in that they dont fit flush against the head in the ports. The port has been cleaned and the gaskets are 45mm which i think is the right size and they pair up nicely to the downpipes...
  10. MAC_Performance

    MAC Performance is looking for your Motor Cycle

    Hello Forum Members, My name is Manny Garcia, i am writing you from MAC Products in Temecula CA. We supply Motor Cycle Exhaust systems to Cycle X, Dennis Kirk and many other Dealers through out the US and world. I am writing today because we are in need of a Honda CB750...
  11. M

    Place to get mufflers

    I am new to the forum. Got a 79 CB750K last weekend. I am looking for recommendations on where to get replacement mufflers and what brand to get for my bike . I read that with some mufflers you have to rejet. I prefer to buy a replacement muffler that does not require reject. I would also...
  12. 1

    probelms getting my bike to run

    Hey everyone, having a problems with my 1982 cb750f super sport running. I have k&n pods and a vance and hines full exhaust. I was told to run a main jet of 110 and a pilot of 75. Bike will not start now. any suggestions. The main jet i pulled out was a 130 and pilot of 35. Thanks
  13. K

    Buying exhaust parts

    Hey guys, I am really new to working on my own bike so let me start off buying saying that my technical vernacular will probably be below par. I am finally getting around to working on my '74 that I bought last year, and the exhaust was leaking right where the flange and exhaust pipe come...
  14. G

    1978 CB750K Original Exhaust

    Trying to determine the value of this exhaust system taken from a 1978 CB750K with 3K miles on it, pipes are in excellent condition... numbers on the pipes are HMCB750K HM405 SANKEI 2025, have done some research but can't get an accurate idea of what they are worth.... thanks for the help...
  15. marincorjdp

    1980 CB SS Project

    New to the site, here's my project so far. It has been an awesome project so far and I cant wait to work on it every chance I get....
  16. J

    Stray hose, where to connect

    There's a hose from the breather that I think must have previously connected to my air box, that my mechanic seems to have just left in place. The end is resting between two of the pods he installed and when the bike is hot a little exhaust wafts up, which I would prefer didn't. The question is...
  17. A

    exhaust wrap

    has anyone tried to wrap the origanal 4 into 1 collector, cant seem to get the wrap tight because of the shallow sweep. it is becoming a real pain in the ass
  18. K

    Where can I source a repro 1974 exhaust system?

    I have searched the web and can only find David Silver Spares as a supplier of a reproduction exhaust system for my 1974 CB 750. They are out of stock and can't say when they can get their new stock. Anybody know of another supplier?
  19. J

    Proper Carb Jets

    Thinking about a winter project for my bike. I'd like to do pod filters and a straight pipe exhaust. I'm just wondering what size jets would be ideal and what else I might need to change or adjust. What do you guys recommend or have already done?
  20. R

    Not sure of my problem here...

    So earlier today I went outside and started my bike up to let her warm up before I left. I came back outside maybe 10 minutes later, sometimes my throttle sticks unless I turn it all the way down, I think its the grips I have on, so therefore when i came back the bike was idling a little high...
  21. motogtp

    Sink strainer baffle

    Put on a new MAC exhaust but a little too quiet. Drilled some small holes. Still too quiet. Drilled some bigger ones and it was just about right but the exhaust note "pulsed" too much. Looked at Super Trapp end caps but didn't want to spend that much. Staring at the peg board one day I saw...
  22. visorclown

    Popping and occasional backfire

    I know this has been talked about already but I didn't find anything that answered my question, so here it is. I have an '81 cb750K. It runs pretty good with 19k+. I've only had the bike for a few months now and have put 1100 miles on it. I've noticed that the popping in one specific muffler...
  23. R

    New Owner

    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I am new to the Honda CB750 scene with my 1998 Nighthawk. The bike is immaculate and almost completely stock. I am looking for information on where to go, who to talk to, and general information about gear and parts. First, I would like to make the bike...
  24. A

    will a 1980 cb750F 4 into 1 exhaust fit the 1978 DOHC cb750k?

    First question here guys-will a 1980 cb750F 4 into 1 exhaust fit the 1978 DOHC cb750k? i need to know a for sure answer to get a Vance & Hines exhaust? Thank you!
  25. R


    Have had my 79 CB750K for about 15 years Now its time to restore it Does any one out there know where i can get a full set of exhausts for it Previous owner put a 4 into 1 cycleworks on it works well very loud but I want to bring it back to origanal
  26. T

    Rattling from front of engine

    Hi. First post here, and I hope to have more. I have a 1982 CB750SC. She's a beaut and hasn't given me too many problems due to age that I couldn't handle, but this one is puzzling me. The bike recently developed a rattle in the front. I'm pretty sure I'm dealing with exhaust, but I cannot...
  27. J

    Exhaust Mods

    Have any of you guys done a baffle delete or bored out the inside of your exhaust. I'm thinking about doing something like this and would like to know what you guys have tried. Pictures if you have them.
  28. J

    First Cafe Build, Someone help me out!!!!!!!! 93 CB 750 Nighthawk

    Hey guys, brand new to the forum. So I just bought myself a 93 CB750 and its in OK shape, could use some work and thats why I have turned to you guys. Suspension: I noticed when I test rode the bike was the extremely soft front forks. Can literally dive them to bottom out just by rockin it...
  29. B

    PLEASE HELP!!! 1981 - Honda cb750c - Bobber- Jetting Issues: PODS and STRAIGHT PIPES

    Hello, 1981 Honda cb750c -bobbed -air pods (air box removed) -straight open pipes Issue: runs lean, pops, flames, won't run when giving it any gas Please help me with this! I got this bike last year from a guy that built it into a bobber for me... Has 5,000 original miles. -I've taken to 3...
  30. motogtp

    Hell spawn carbs

    Making progress on my '78 SS. Before - plugs completely fouled in less than 5 miles. After rebuilding the carbs (new floats, float needles, 105 jets, O-rings & gaskets, but not the needles) it runs nice now, idles well, runs hard. Except that now the plugs foul up completely in about 40 miles...