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  1. B

    1980 CB750 “Beavertail” Cafe Build

    Week 0 - Intros and Goals What’s up everyone, I’m posting here to keep track of a build I’ve been planning out and to hopefully ask and answer some questions along the way. I recently began some online courses covering engine building and automotive wiring and thought a motorcycle might be a...
  2. O

    1971 Cb750 build

    Started this build at the end of the lockdown period. Going through every bolt and nut, new wiring harness, the entire bike at one point was sprayed flat black by the PO. Here are the pics of what I have done and what I am doing. Some of these parts are not cheap/easy to find! This is not my...
  3. Beasty

    My Frankenbike

    I was late to actual street motorcycling. In my early youth I was pretty poor, and rode friends dirt bikes, and all my friends rode street bikes later. I could never affrod one as a recreational thing until; my late 20's, by then I was married, and it seemed my dream of riding was always...
  4. H

    Rear Caliper seal upgrade to Dot5

    Hello all, I’m building this 78 CB750. For the rear brakes it has a Honda caliper and a HD Sportster master cylinder. The master cylinder calls for Dot5. I had brakes for one day now the caliper seal is disintegrating, so it seems. Older Honda's require Dot3 and is not compatible with Dot5. Can...
  5. Luis Etchenique

    “Montjuïc Special”

    ‘79 CB750F S/S 🏁
  6. B

    My ‘82 CB750F finally alive

    Not done yet but getting there…
  7. B

    My ‘82 CB750F finally alive

    Here is video…
  8. 2

    My '79 Ltd - Finally finished

    Purchased this bike from another guy on this forum nearly 5 years ago. Had planned on restoring it myself, and quickly found I was in way over my head. Been a while, but back from restoration and finally put some miles on it today.
  9. Snottyvar

    Rickman Honda

    I have a chance at a Rickman kit for a 1974 Honda 750. The kit might be for sale once I know the exact condition and the completeness of the parts. Just putting this out there to see if there is any interest. A Rickman build, a proper one, is a pricy project. I'd like to flip it to fund other...
  10. B

    750 vs 550

    I owned a '75 550F for years, thinking of getting another basically for collecting. Not sure if I'd rather have the 750, what are the opinions of the owners? Was happy w/the smoothness of the 550, had enough power, and looked fairly lean at 421lbs Appears the 750 is about 50lbs more and more...
  11. S

    78 CB750F mods for tall rider

    My first CB750F, and I need to make some adjustments to fit my old body into this thing. I’m trying to do two things: 1. Cables and brake hose for adding handlebar risers that move the bars up 1” and back 3/4”. Anyone have an idea of how much length to add so the bars will still turn lock to...
  12. S

    My 78 "Cafe Cruiser."

    How it looked when it was loaded up. 40 years worth of dirt.
  13. R

    New Purchase

    I recently purchased a 1979 Honda 750F that needs a lot of refurbishment. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a reliable parts supplier for the bike. I live in Alberta Canada so ideally parts in Canada would be great but may not be possible. What US suppliers would anyone recommend.
  14. P

    Resto- Mod '81 CB750C

    Hello folks, new to forums and new to CB's! I am starting to work on this project and have some questions: Looking for an offset front sprocket? What are you doing for a carb support when you remove the air box? Here is what I have going on now: '99 GSXR front end, Cognito Stem conversion...
  15. R

    1980 Honda CBR750 Bobber.?

    Hi guys I'm new here, just grabbed a 1980 hbr750 from a friend and he had a cafe racer build set up however I want to make it into a Bobber for a more relaxing ride. I however don't have much to spend, is there any way to not change the frame soo if I wanteed to one day go to a cafe racer build...
  16. B

    76K Being Brought Back

    It sat for many years in a leaky shed. It came home with a 16 inch chopper style rear wheel and assorted other 70's goodies to include an alarm on the license plate frame that I had a hell of a time figuring out exactly what it was. It is getting close now and looking a little apocalyptic...
  17. C

    1971 CB750 Project

    Here is a 1971 CB750 K1 project that I just completed. I took everything apart and fixed/restored it. I did all the work myself including the paint. You can see some GL1000 parts that I painted along with the CB750 parts. The bike was in bad shape and had been sitting since 1983.
  18. netwurk13

    My first build

    Just sharing my progress on my 78 CB750K. Its been a work in progress for the last three months. Backyard find for $400. Before pic attached. Every bolt including the engine was redone by me. Any questions or sharing what I've learned along the way let me know. I'm definitely not a pro, but...
  19. P

    Looking for my next project.

    Hello everyone. I am new here and dont actually own a cb750 yet but I am looking at buying one for my next project. I am currently looking at a k3 that had a burt cam journal. The bike comes with a spare head. I have a fair amount of mechanical experience so I am not afraid of mechanical work...
  20. gggGary

    Barn (shed) rescue 76E AND 78 Hondamatic

    Took 3 of us to drag it to and on the trailer yesterday, front brake was locked. one owner 30K plate sez 08 My wife Allison got a nice lunch for the ride along and helping load. ;^) Today with one plug out checking spark and a float drain open running out old gas, it started! when I kicked to...
  21. D

    Dirty Old Chopper UK re-build. 1982 CB750. -Its a bit crap and its got a dodgy springer!

    Hello, CB750 friends round the world! I often question my life choices. My recent purchase has made me question more than ever.... So, this bike came from the USA about a year ago, still needs to be UK registered, it was chopped (by a blind man, with 1 hand, who must have been drunk) in...
  22. hinksy

    Can you ID these pistons ?

    I am probably going to have to split the cases , as the saying goes . So I used a camera probe to check out the cylinders and this is what I have in my 77 supersport . I should have a rounded dome piston , yes ? And this bad boy has 4.0MM stamped on it . Unfortunately this is the only readable...
  23. J

    My build

    My build
  24. D

    cb750 cafe, black and yellow :) new ohlin shock

    cb750 cafe, black and yellow :) new ohlin shock cb900 engine lots of work
  25. M

    Looking for some skill...

    Looking for someone who has some skills at doing some restoration on my 1976 CB750.
  26. hinksy


    Well it arrived and all that glitters definately aint gold . None of the pics show how rough it is and how much smutz is in and around the motor . Most of , if not all of the screws and bolts heads are butchered . Decided to strip and clean it right off the bat , so now it is just basically a...
  27. L

    79CB Cafe / Project

    First Ill say I'm new and thanks for letting me join. I'm a fairly handy guy and race karts on the weekends with the kids. This is a a new hobby I have been exploring and finally found a bike/bikes that fit the mold. I bought a 79CB custom. It was modified some before I got it and had carb and...
  28. R

    Resurrecting a 1981 CB750 Custom

    Picked up a 1981 CB750C that appears to have sat for a decade or two. Last registered in 1996 with tires from 1989. The goal is to restore it to as original as possible without breaking the bank. First step after getting it home was seeing what's under all that luggage and fiberglass...
  29. Rhino2131

    Springer front end

    Has anybody put a springer on one of their builds? If so what brand did you use? Everybody I contact says their springer will not fit a Honda… Thanks for the help! Rhino
  30. prm17

    1981 CB750F SS- Rough, but $300... was it worth it?!?!?!

    I've been wanting a CB750F for sometime now and one basically fell into my lap when a buddy of mine said he was offered this bike for $300. He is not a Honda guy and knew I had been looking for a 750F for the 'right deal', so offered it to me. This bike was a 'shed find' when the son of the...