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Hello folks, new to forums and new to CB's!

I am starting to work on this project and have some questions:

Looking for an offset front sprocket?
What are you doing for a carb support when you remove the air box?

Here is what I have going on now:

'99 GSXR front end, Cognito Stem conversion
'01 GSXR 100 rear swing arm- adding lower shock mounts to run dual coil overs
Cognito battery box
Dime City rear loop
Drilling out the top tree for risers. Going to run a tracker style bar
Building a custom exhaust. Im thinking 2 2-1's so I can access the drain plug.

1981 CB750.jpg


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Bit late of a reply, but could you define what you mean by an "offset front sprocket"?

As for carb support, the stock insulators are pretty strong when they're tightened properly. With all the clamps in place the carb rack doesn't seem to me like it would move at all when riding. The airbox with its soft rubber boots doesn't really provide any structural support for them as it hangs from the frame by just one small bolt.

You've probably read this elsewhere, but if you're removing the stock airbox you absolutely have to swap to a different set of carbs. Doesn't matter what you do to the stock CV carbs; they will never run as well or make as much horsepower with anything but the stock intake system. There are a couple of (expensive) off the shelf options new, you can buy individual 34mm direct-pull carbs and fabricate your own mounting rack and cable system, or I have heard that there are some more suitable carbs off of certain early years of the Suzuki GSXR.