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1981 CB750F SS- Rough, but $300... was it worth it?!?!?!


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Minneapolis, MN
I've been wanting a CB750F for sometime now and one basically fell into my lap when a buddy of mine said he was offered this bike for $300. He is not a Honda guy and knew I had been looking for a 750F for the 'right deal', so offered it to me. This bike was a 'shed find' when the son of the original owner(deceased) found it buried in the back of a garage. It had last been registered in 1992 and was then parked. It has 12k original miles and a clean title. Everything was there except for the side covers. Plenty of work to be done before it is road worthy again but I think it was a decent deal. I have never restored a motorcycle before so will likely be a big project for me but I'm ready for it. I'm not sure I'll do a full restoration but I do want to get it road-worthy and keep it as original as I can. I doubt I'll have it rideable by this summer but... maybe. I'll try to post updates but they may be few and far between unless I am in need of help. :)

I appreciate any feedback and comments. Was it a stupid purchase? Am I in over my head??? (likely). Looking forward to checking out all the information in these forums.

Plastics are all in good shape
Seat has no rips
Engine has compression and turns over
Clean title
Tires still hold air... but I'll replace them. LOL!

All 4 plugs are broken off and will need to be extracted(guessing I'll have to pull the head)
Exhaust is completely rotted
All brake calipers are frozen and will need to be rebuilt
Fork will need a rebuild
Tank will need to be flushed and cleaned
Side covers were missing (recently found a set for $35 and purchased those)

You've done well you've got your work cut out for you though...I just finished one


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Very nice! I bought one for $100 and it was all in pieces! I am going through everything anyways, so it’s a bonus it was already taken apart. It’s been a fun project so far! Enjoy!
New pistons and rings..valve job ......4 into 1 Vance and Hines....bike rips


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Looking at a possible donor bike for my project but it's a 1980 of the same model. Since I am new to all of this, I am unsure if most of the parts are compatible though. I'd love to just take the brake calipers and exhaust. Not sure the engines are at all compatible though.