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1982 CB750K Brat/ Cafe Build


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Denver, Colorado
Well, I think I've decided to start a build thread for my bike after getting a little more engagement on this forum than I expected. I've only posted here once so far and have commented on someone else's very in depth build here on this forum, so I'll catch you up to speed in this new thread while giving you an introduction to myself and the circumstances I have regarding the build.

About me:
I'm 31, living in Denver Colorado, and I'm a certificated aircraft mechanic and structural composites fabricator/ technician. I've been building airplanes and orbital/ suborbital space vehicles for going on 9 years now and built cars (90s & early 2000s Hondas and Nissans) for 10 years before I made the switch to the aerospace sector. I live in an apartment complex with an underground parking garage where I keep my bike and my daily driver 4runner. 90% of my tooling is at work where I perform my 9-5 and the tools I have here at home are loose odds and ends from previous tool kits that I bought over the years but nothing is consistent to say the least. I'm a very obsessive person when it comes to anything technical and when I commit to a new project or a new hobby, it completely consumes my free time. I'm constantly reading, watching YouTube, and looking up specs/ parts/ processes. It's worth noting that I have some pretty crippling ADD that makes researching things somewhat difficult in that I'll go down a rabbit hole on a particular topic and while I'm reading or watching, I'll see something else that I want to research and open a new tab to then start going down the other rabbit hole. Some might say it's a "LOOK! SQUIRREL!" type of attention span. My stream of concentration is hard to maintain all the way through on one topic or subject. I'm saying all this to say, if there's something I don't know or something I get wrong, feel free to correct me and put me in the right direction. I'm here to learn first and foremost and share my build while maintaining as much humility and transparency as possible. Also. I'm short as shit, standing at a whopping 5'4". This will come into play quite a bit with this build.

My experience and knowledge of motorcycles: none. I'm new to the verbiage and vernacular. Especially carburetors. Go easy on me.

The bike:
I bought an 82 CB750K (clean title) with 7,000 original miles for $2,800 from a guy that lives about 80 miles outside of Denver. He listed it for $3100 and also as a CB750 Super Sport (its not a super sport. It's a K, not an F). I talked him down to $2800 and delivering the bike here to my apartment building. I think I got a pretty good deal. The previous guy to the guy I bought it from, built it out cafe racer style but I plan to remove the mods he's made and build it out to fit my own vision.

My intentions for the build:
I've always been a huge fan of slamming/ dumping the living shit out of cars, and, well, nothing has changed in regards to bikes. I plan to build this bike to be as low as possible without sacrificing safety while maintaining a decent/ balanced threshold of performance in relation to the height of the bike. Yes, I'm aware that lowering the bike will limit how aggressive I can ride and that it changes the geometry of the bike. Ultimately, I'll be riding the bike to work (on the highway primarily) and out on the weekends with friends around town and in the city. Hard riding up in the mountains isn't on my agenda as of yet. So. I want it to be low. I want it to get me from point a to point b in the city and I want to be able to take my girlfriend with me on rides. And above all, I want to look and feel cool on the bike. I want to build something that people want to talk to me about. Something that gives me and other people an opportunity to share our interest and passion for classic Japanese bikes with one another.

So... there's the intro and the info. I'll include some photos of the bike from the day I bought it and a few of where it's currently at as far as the build goes. Future updates will more than likely be once a week but maybe more depending on my need for help and opinions/ suggestions. I had to write this intro to hold myself accountable to actually start the documentation of this build.

Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to learning from everyone here.

Ya that’s a K tank.

A word of caution my friend.
You might like running and slamming cars.
But believe it, you fuck up on the street on a bike, it’s a whole different thing,
Good chance your life will never be the same.

At least keep your girlfriend off it till you have a year or so under your belt.

I’m serious.

Been there, and was lucky.
A few times.

Don’t mess around.