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-Just bought this bike not sure what generation frame, not sure if engine generation belongs to frame.
-It is a hard tail it starts up right away (currently cold here) shifts sound a little “loose / clanky”

Whats it worth, what kinda troubke shooting/ maintenance can I do (aside from the obvious tires brakes and fluids) photos probably dont pick it uo but the hardtail welds along with seat and fender welds are crappy, paint is probably spray paint (photos don’t really pick that up)


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If it runs well, many readers will be curious to know what jets are in your carbs with those pods.
As to your question, carb cleaning might be in order (does it idle and rev ok?), change the oil and filter, would be a good idea to change the fuel if it is suspect. O would test the battery voltage at 3-4k to see if the charging system works. I would do a compression test on each cylinder, too.
How it runs will determine how much further you need to go.
not being funny or clever but i have seen a lot about these bikes having there charging tested at above 3000rpm is there a reason for this because mine charges at a bit over 14v at just above 1500rpm perfectly and stays the same as the revs increase.
yes the only manuals i have are clymer and haynes bodge book hence why i messed up putting 102 main jets in when they should be 75s , i wish i could get the book on the japanese domestic market 750 FZ,,,,,, anybody????????????
Those pleated pods WILL NOT work with those carburetors and re-jetting will not do ANYTHING to help. Those pods cause turbulence, tiny volcanoes and air gusts that cause the slides to act erratically and not move in harmony with each other ,re-jetting WILL NOT fix that. If you must use pods......use the foam UNI-FILTERS, get the longest ones that will fit in there with the right ID for those carbs. Then.......Get the red foam covers that fit over those filters.....cut them in two cut them in half, you'll have four. Get some auto fabric paint, any color, paint the heck out of those covers, not the filters, object being to clog the covers with the fabric paint. Coat the filters with 50/50 mix of gas and motor oil, install the covers on the front half of the filters, semi-loose zip ties if needed. There, you have a pod with less air turbulence than any other. And space inside the pod for air to calm before hitting the slides, and no turbulence causing pleats.

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