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  1. P

    Possible upgrades from newer bikes

    Hi all I've just finished bringing a '75 K back to life due in no small part to posts on this forum, thank you for that. A few years ago I bought 3 bikes, a '75 K, a '77 F, and a '78 F. I'm now selling the 77 and 78 Fs but wanted to ask: Would there be any advantage to swapping out any parts...
  2. C

    First bike tell me anything!

    -Just bought this bike not sure what generation frame, not sure if engine generation belongs to frame. -It is a hard tail it starts up right away (currently cold here) shifts sound a little “loose / clanky” Whats it worth, what kinda troubke shooting/ maintenance can I do (aside from the...
  3. WhiteWidow


  4. P

    Idle's rough down low, but runs fine up high.

    Hey all, at this point I'm a regular on this site and am learning as I go. Right now, I'm experiencing an issue with my 78 model that so many have had and will have. A rough idle. Only difference is mine doesn't die on me! She sounds more like a harley than any of these bikes should while...
  5. deeveeance

    82 CB750C - High Idle after touching throttle, no spawn of satan?

    Hey all, I received the replacement set of carbs from eBay, cannibalized the original set and set up the new one on the bike. Fired up instantly, few pops, but smoothed out after adjusting the rod with black knob at the "bottom" of the carbs (idle screw?). Problem is, when I touch the...
  6. deeveeance

    Wanted - 1982 CB750C compatible carbs (possibly borrow?)

    Need some carbs to fully test out my project 1982 CB750C (DOHC) before committing to buy a set of Murray's Carbs (Mikuni VM34's) or Dynoman's Keihin CR31's. Open to anything compatible, not sure what the market is for the OEM-Alternatives is. If you happen to have a spare set that you don't...
  7. 8

    Pods on 82 nighthawk

    Hey guys, I am trying to do pods on my 82 nighthawk. Anyone have any tips or videos on how to mount the carbs without the airbox? Thank you!
  8. F

    1981 CB750K CR Special 31mm Carb Setup - Help Needed

    Hi guys, I bought a 1981 CB750K years ago, and I've spent a lot of time rebuilding and customizing it. From the beginning, the carbs never quite worked well no matter the setup. Eventually two different people told me they were messed with too much and I needed a better set. I found a great set...
  9. M

    Flat spot

    Hi just got a 93 75o f2n its got i think predictor 4into 1 stainless exhaust air box got got filters on each car runs ace but when setting of need to reve a little flat spot up to about 2000 reves only small flatspot which jets need changing its been dyno got report here but don't understand air...
  10. C

    Carb Install - Daryl Dixon

    I know this may sound crazy, but I knew virtually nothing on motorcycles a few months ago. This site and others have helped with my project, so I am posting this here to see if anyone can help. As you can see in the pics, I have come a looonnnngggg way, so I can figure things out but on this...
  11. Ricebiker

    Too lean or Too Rich, Who knows???

    It's most likely too lean. Removed the airbox and put pods on. Oval chrome cheapos. Ok, Vance and Hines 4 into 1 header pipe with Carpy stainless exhaust tip and baffle (Carpy's, So. Cal exhaust fabricator and bike restorer. World famous locally) May as well be wide open. With the above...
  12. D

    Idle hangs up

    I have a 1980 cb750c. I got it from a guy for 575 dollars and he told me the carbs needed cleaned. Cleaned the carbs and found a vacuum leak. Got new boots and now there is no vacuum leak. The problem now is that it doesn't idle very well and if you rev it it will hang up at about 5 rpms and...
  13. C

    High idel , what's the right idle position ?

    Hi guy . So I'm relatively new to bike and the cb750 . I've tinkered with it a bit over the winter , not really to much thou.. 82 Cb750f dohc is really all I know .. It's got velocity stacks 😁😁.. I removed the carbs and looked at the boots to the motor and they have minor cracks on the...
  14. J

    Best jet size for pod filters?

    So I pulled the carbs last night off my bike, they're surprisingly in great shape! They all appear to at least be bench synced at this point. I'm generally a firm believer in the old adage, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" That said, I am going to be running pod filters since somewhere along...
  15. B

    Super Sport revving to 5k on start up

    The previous owner said that the number 3 carb was leaking fuel out of the float bowl. Ran and idled fine. Took the carbs off, noticed only one of the float bowl drain screws had an O-Ring on it, replaced all four, no more leak. Put the carbs back on and it fired right up without the airbox on...
  16. F

    1978 cb750 four k carbs.

    hello all, I have rebuilt my carbs on my 78 cb750. the bike is back together and it runs. At first it had no power. then I adjusted the 4 carb screws till it seemed to have power. Rode it up and down the block a few times and all seemed fine. today, 2 months later i started the bike up. It...
  17. M

    Can't Get My Bike To Turn Over

    I have a 1981 CB750K. It's the first bike I've owned and worked on. I have done plenty of work on cars and worked at an auto parts store for a few years. I bought it a couple weeks ago and have been doing all the little maintenance since then. I changed the plugs and battery, and did a lot of...
  18. C

    Leaking fuel with bike off

    My bike is stored at a friends house and apparently is leaking fuel from a 6 to 8 inch fuel line by carb1. The bike runs fine any solution to quickly stop the leaking or anyone know what that line would be.
  19. J

    CV Carbs, Dynojet Stage 3, K&N Pods

    Hey fellas 1981 CB750F SS. Kerker 4 into 1 exhaust and I took the baffle out so she's obnoxious. Bought it because it was pretty and the 'newest' bike available to me at the time in my price range. Didn't realize I was kind of shooting myself in the foot as all the Cafe Racer stuff tends to...
  20. R

    My 1976 CB750 has Gremlins....HELP!

    I purchased a 1976 CB750 with 12,000 mile in January of 2012. I am the third owner of the bike and believe that it was well cared for before me. I live in NYC and stored the bike in a popular and serious bike lovers only indoor garage in the city. The resident mechanic at the shop is well...