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Hello. I have a small problem with some noises coming from the left side exhaust. Like some metal is loose or stones inside ( a couple of children where playing near my bike one day... maybe they put something inside) or smth like that.
I couldnt find any videos or manuals if its possible to take the back part off. There are two bigger holes drilled by some previous owner and i drilled out 4 rivets. Is it eaven supposed to come off? :)
Taking the whole exhaust off is not that easy because a couple nuts are so rusted and havent been off since the making of the bike probably.
Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.


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The exhaust cone is removable, but you'll have to man-handle it a bit. I used a thin flat-head screwdriver, a fat flat head screwdriver, a hammer, and vice grip pliers to pull and pry the cone out. Use the screwdrivers to get between the chrome lip and the black lip on the outer edge of the muffler (the perimeter of the exhaust cap) and use the vice grip on the outer hole of the muffler (in the one pic, there are 2 outlets, one tiny hole in the middle, and a wider one around it), and pull and wiggle, use the hammer and screwdrivers to pry deeper into the lip around the muffler until you yank it out. you might deform the hole in the middle, but its a sacrifice you'll need to make
That noise could be rust if it sounds like "sand", rather than a stone.
A good rev-once bike is warm! might expel it....
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