Delkevic K7 exhaust onto K?


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I've been off this site for years now but am finally at the last stages of my CB750 rebuild. The bike was a complete basket case I inherited from a dead friend. It was originally a 1970 but is anything but numbers matching - I just want a good rider. I've built quite a few bikes in my life, but this is my first Honda four. The bike came with ZERO exhaust pieces other than the flanges in the original head. The head on the bike now is a later one and came with exhaust studs. I liked the idea of the later exhaust mounting style, so I bought some used finned rings on Ebay which suck. I just received my new Delkevic 4into1 which is a thing of beauty, but seems to be lacking in the mounting department, It's for a K7 and comes with it's own flanges, which I like. Thing is that it seems awful loosey goosey in the head when I dry fit it - do I need more bits? Do I need the two piece exhaust flange thingies? Is this just the way the Delkevic mounts (I hope not)? Anybody have experience with these K7 delkevics? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
If the header has the 2 bolt flanges trapped on the pipes then the standard is to use an exhaust gasket and you need the split pieces (two piece exhaust flange thingies) as spacers between the loose flanges and the stem at end of pipe that is welded on.

One of the spacers picced and for a Kawasaki, the Honda will be similar and two needed per pipe for 8 total.

Thanks for clarifying, amc. I was worried I might have purchased a very nice looking boat anchor. Funny thing is that I'd bought 8 of those things used on Ebay about 5yrs ago and when I took a good look at the a few weeks ago, I trashed them in a huff. Some were different and all were very ratty. I'll source some new ones.