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Air Box Install


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Rexburg, ID
When I bought my bike it had pod filters on it and it runs like crap, so I just bought a stock air box. I haven't been able to find any clear guides on how to install it and I want to make sure I do it right as far as all the tubes go. Can anyone give me some instructions on proper install? IMG_5004.jpg
I have no idea what goes in here
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The first image has a "T" connector. The two crankcase breather hoses that come out the lower block connects to this "T"
So it looks like the previous owner cut those hoses because they don't come close to reaching up to that T connector. Are those pretty easy to replace?
If going back to stock, check eBay or local craigslist for a donor bike. Also a bike salvage yard should yield results. Otherwise try new replacements from 4 into 1. Perhaps they have them or even try honda. But honestly all you might need is some rubber hose and clamps from the parts store