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77' CB750K Carb #2 Question & rebuild


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Hey guys! My name is Jon, and I'm new to the forum. I recently purchased a 1977 Cb750k that i bought from a local guy that had already started restoring it and turning it into a cafe racer which i wanna do. he mainly took it apart, sanded the frame, and confused me lol. Anyways, a lot of the bike i bought in peaces. heres where I'm at right now.. the carbs are over flowing so i took them apart and want to order a full rebuild kit. my question is, on the #2 carb i notices that there is no adjustment screw under the top cover/cap. ill post a picture so it can be better describe. all the other carb have a adjustment screw to sync the carbs/adjust the throttle valve height but the second carb doesn't. is this normal? also, i know most carb parts don't really fail and most of the time can be cleaned (other than the float?) but i plan on replacing them anyways. Is there a good site to order quality parts for the bike rebuild?

Thanks for the help!

#2 carb is the base carb, you sync the other carbs to that one.