1. J

    In search of Grandpa's '73 CB750

    Howdy everyone, I'm new here (This is my first post), so I'm not sure if this is something y'all would be able to help me with. I've recently started hunting for my grandpa's 1973 CB750. I've got a VIN for it, but its whereabouts haven't been known since about 1980. I think it was sold somewhere...
  2. B

    Throttle Cable Routing, 1974 CB750

    I'm having some issues with throttle cables. When I adjust them with the bars straight they are fine, but if I turn the bars all the way right the cable gets too tight. I've gone thru the adjustment procedure, but still doesn't seem right. I have new OEM Honda cables, but it acted the same...
  3. J

    1977 CB750A Luggage Racks

    I'm not sure which frame my bike matches and no one is labeling CB750 luggage racks as "CB750A racks". I think the F models have a different frame than the K models, but do the K models have a different frame than the A models? Not to mention the differences between the year the bike was made...
  4. D

    Compression check

    Hey Guys, Did a cold compression check on my 77 last night. The bike has been sitting for approx 3 years. Numbers for the cylinders were Cyl 1 -127 Cyl 2- 126 Cyl 3 -125 Cyl 4- 126 Im pretty happy with those numbers and expect them to go up after a couple riding sessions. Question I have...
  5. D

    New member saying Hi

    Hey All, new member here just wanting to introduce myself. I recently bought my dream bike, a 1977 CB750K. Just looking to learn everything and anything i can from the members here. Thanks!
  6. B

    Mac exhaust question, has this used exhaust been modified??

    So I picked up a set of pipes for a CB750 SOHC at a swap meet for a low $75. They fit perfect, and look good. They sounded great, but much too loud for my taste. I separated the slip on muffler from the pipes and found the muffler part is completely empty, no baffles at all. I can see on tab...
  7. S

    1977 and 1978 Honda cb750 sohc carb accelerator pump o ring mounted on #2 carb bowl

    From what I have heard others say about these o rings being hard to locate. I experienced the same on my 1978 cb750k. I have a o ring kit that had the right one, it is a 008 part no. with a inside dia. of 3/16 and outside dia. 5/16 What usually happens is these o rings either fall out of #2...
  8. T

    Worn Camshaft Drive Questions on Repair

    I have a 1978 Honda CB750K. When I was idling the bike, the camshaft drive chain sounded like it was loose and hitting something. The Cam chain tensioner had already been completely tightened and the sound persisted. I pulled the engine and took a look at the Cam drive to find that that the...
  9. L

    Help, Advice, direction appreciated

    I have a 76 750hondamatic frame- a 74 750 sohc engine, and I am beginning to part search and try to get a build plan. I know i want a cafe style bike, clips ons and moto gadget controls and a cbr1000 fork swap, however i have to get it going before i worry about the cosmetics. So with that...
  10. T

    Hi ,newby just joined, help with new aquisition id .

    Hi all, just aquired another rough cb 750 sohc .don't think the frame and engine are a factory pairing ? ENGINE No CB750E 1113550 FRAME No 2224478 . Was imported into the uk in mid 1990s ,not sure if it came from the usa or europe ?. any help on the id and origin of the bike would be...
  11. B

    Hondaline Question

    Hello, I have a 1975 CB 750K and I’m looking at a Hondaline Rear rack for sale. The rack is off a 1977K, will it fit my bike? I have talked to the seller and he doesn’t know. Thanks, Billy
  12. F

    Broken Fins on Cylinder

    I have 2 broken fins on the cylinder block of my 1973 cb750. I don't have the pieces, otherwise I would weld them back on myself. Should I find a new cylinder or is it safe running it with 2 broken off corners?
  13. F

    1976 Cb750K in a 1976 CB750A Frame

    Hi there, I have a 1976 CB750A and he chance to buy a rebuilt CB750K engine. Can I transplant that engine into the frame of the 750A? I would have to add an oil tank and perch for the clutch, but will the motor mounts line? Thank you!
  14. H

    CB750F1 Torque Link Hardware and Other Questions

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a 76 CB750F that is, unfortunately, missing some important hardware. I am missing parts 48, 28, 63, and 62 in the first attachment. These parts are the mounting hardware for the rear caliper torque link. I'm missing that hardware for the front mount and I can...
  15. justafarmer

    What is this

    Hello. i recently purchased an cb750 told it was stroked out to 880. Research suggests it is not. But the real question is the serial number on the case. The pad has not been altered. The number is IDA2988another digit. In my limited research i have not found anything like this. What gives? Yes...
  16. R

    Delkevic K7 exhaust onto K?

    I've been off this site for years now but am finally at the last stages of my CB750 rebuild. The bike was a complete basket case I inherited from a dead friend. It was originally a 1970 but is anything but numbers matching - I just want a good rider. I've built quite a few bikes in my life...
  17. B

    Posa Fuel 4 into 1 carb system

    Anybody have the old 4 into 1 POSA FUEL system on there Cb750. I had one years ago on a chopper i built. I have a set now but need to make sure they are correct size. Size is stamped on carb.. Could be 26 ,28 ,32, 34
  18. H

    1969 CB750 Throttle Cables

    HELLO... Looking for info from Honda CB750 sandcast experts out there. Does anyone know how many of the early sandcast CB750 bikes were made/sold with the 5mm type throttle cables and 28 carb tops before they were recalled??? Also does anyone know why the 5mm throttle cables and carb tops...
  19. G

    77 CB 750 Supersport engine rebuld

    Does anyone have a good how to for an engine rebuild for 77 CB 750 engine. I need to do a top end . But if need to pull engine and such might as well do full rebuild. Also could use a recommendation for engine work on heads and valves. Thanks Great forum. Greg
  20. G

    77 CB 750 Supersport. Cannot get it to run over 5000 RPM withouot missing and dying

    Stumped. I have 77 Super sport. The carbs have been cleaned. Installed new plugs. It will idle and run through all the gears up to 5000 RPM before trying to die I can feather the throttle sometimes and it will exceed. But when you put a load on it (going up hill) it just has no throttle...
  21. J

    Please someone help me

    :banghead: I have a 71 cb750 K1 The compression is 150 right across Out of the box Keihin 29mm roundside carbs, Dynatek plugs and can not get this bike to run right. These carbs look like they have 4 supply spots, should a person T off on the two fuel line coming out of the tanks...
  22. B

    Big Bore Kits

    Has anyone ordered and used a Big Bore Kit for the SOHC CB750? I'm thinking of doing an 836 and could use some suggestions and ideas. What works, who make the best kit, where to get machine work on the East Coast...
  23. B

    Is it a KO

    So, I just bought a 1970 CB750 that is pretty complete that I want to do a bobber build with, but someone said "make sure it's not a KO" I'm a v-twin guy all day every day so I admit that I do not fully understand what a KO is How do I find out if I have a KO?
  24. L

    Valve tappet clearance

    Hi, I just bough CB 750 K0 and want to check and adjust valve tappet clearance. In the manual is writte IN 0,05 mm and EX O,08 mm. But it seem strange to me - sheet of paper is 0,1mm so such a 0,05 mm is practically no clearance (and the gauge is really thick(er) than a paper). Is not it a...
  25. S

    Oil leaking from cover next to the oil pan.

    Hello Everyone, I have owned my 78 CB750 for a few years now and have constantly been chasing down an oil leak. I think I have narrowed it down to the circular cover that is appears to be held in place by an extrude from the oil pan (I attached an image for clarification). I was wondering if...
  26. S

    Carbs and engine match question

    Hi Everyone; Newbie here. Have a '78 CB750k that hasn't run really well since I got her. She is a cafe, running on pods and bogging down a lot. She was sitting for a while, so I'm thinking of pulling the carbs and giving them a good clean. From scouting around on here, I get the impression that...
  27. J

    Dynatek ignition in my 1971 cb 750

    I have a question for all of you about my 71 cb750 I installed a dynatek DS1-2 ignition, I’m running my new stock coil packs, what should my spark plug gap be? Thx everyone
  28. Y

    Alternator's stator coil outputs 0 volts ac, faulty stator coil?

    Hello Everyone, Honda CB 750 k7 here. My battery is not charging. Did all possible tests found on website. Passed all of them, except couple (will be numbered bellow). While testing alternator: Passed: .6 ohms measured between phases (3 yellow wires) for stator coil, no short on case...
  29. M

    What is the best way to lower my rpm's??

    I have a '76 CB750F SOHC that I bought about 8 or 9 years ago. I installed air pods, and swapped the original muffler for something louder and smaller. I had the carbs rejetted for the modifications. Since the engine is now breathing easier, i have noticed that the rpm's seem to be quite a...
  30. Q

    Can i use DOHC carbuertors on a SOHC engine

    I have a 1972 cb750 that did not come with the correct carbs and I'm unable to find sohc carb in my area for a decent price. however, there are carbs for a 1981 cb750 of a price am willing to pay. does anyone know where I could buy working carbs for a good price or if I could use the newer carbs...