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  1. R

    burning oil while engine braking, smell oil when parked

    1974 cb750 bobbed with a stock, near 20k mile engine. never been opened, not modified yet. Im noticing a slight haze when I let off and when I blip the throttle at lights, theres a small puff of oil out of the exhaust. Also looks like oil "steaming" from the vent on the head immediately after...
  2. Cbguy

    Turn signals kill bike

    Hello out there, I have a 71 cb750 that has run seamlessly for years. I have been riding without issue for the last 2 months since the weather has gotten nice. I had just started my ride home and signaled my turn and the bike died instantly. I was able to start the bike right back up and ride...
  3. R

    300 or 341

    i have a CB 750 and i was trying to determine if 300 and 341 exhaust systems interchange. i have also read that some of the aftermarket exhausts wont allow you to remove the oil filter, are they common out there? thanks and cheers from Australia
  4. R

    1972 CB 750 4 into 4

    Hi everyone, i am after an OME and or an aftermarket 4 into 4 exhaust, does anyone have a good lead i could follow to enquire after the exhaust. Much appreciated
  5. N

    No spark on 2-3, getting power from yellow wire until hooked up to coil

    Hey guys, this is a 1978 cb750k. I am getting spark on 1 and 4, but not 2 and 3. I am getting power in the yellow wire all the way up to the connection to the coil. The multimeter reads that it is getting power, then as soon as I plug it up to the wire that connects the coil it drops off. It has...
  6. K

    Full rebuild on 750a carbs question

    I had two extra sets of carbs that came with my 78 750a. They were all taken apart. So I am rebuilding a set. Now, The choke shafts I have a set that look zinc coated with plastic pieces that clip on the shaft. Then I have a set that are all silver and round all the way through with no...
  7. J

    Brake parts

    Can someone suggest where in Aus is the best to get front brake caliper kits for a 1979 CB750K? Very confusing information on line, as I would like to get pad pins, seals and banjo washers.
  8. titoplane

    1975 CB 750 Tires

    Hello guys I would like to know which brand of tires you would suggest for my 1975 750. I`m interested more on grip than durability. I just bought the bike and have not received it yet. I used to have a 1971 Honda Cb 750 when I lived in Germany in the early 70`s and...
  9. O

    1971 Cb750 build

    Started this build at the end of the lockdown period. Going through every bolt and nut, new wiring harness, the entire bike at one point was sprayed flat black by the PO. Here are the pics of what I have done and what I am doing. Some of these parts are not cheap/easy to find! This is not my...
  10. J

    Altitude changing bike performance

    Hello all, I recently brought my all stock 1979 CB 750k from Illinois witch is at 700 foot elevation to out Colorado, 7200feet where I reside now. Obviously the bike is going to run rich but how rich? What I’m wondering is am I going to be forced to rejet it? (we all know how much of a pain in...
  11. J

    Sprockets and cruising revs

    I have just purchased a 1979 CB750K police spec and would like to know what a standard machines revs are at 100kmph? Also what recommended sprockets are for cruising.
  12. WhiteWidow


  13. H

    POP Yoshimura camschaft HELP.

    Need some help! I have an old yoshimura camshaft. We installed it in a Honda CB750 F2 (1978) engine, but there is no documentation for it. We can't set it. I only have the attached hard-to-understand document. Is such accurate document or data still available? Many thanks for the help! (sorry...
  14. S

    1983 suzuki gs750 forks and swing arm swap

    Hello everyone, I'm curious if anyone has done this swap or not onto a sohc cb750? I have a somewhat complete 83 gs750 and am wanting to swap parts to my 70 cb750. Thanks for all advice
  15. Habanero52

    Gas tank label K6

    What is the correct fuel tank "Preserve Nature" label color for a K6 Antares Red?
  16. K


    I have the repair manual for this bike. 78 CB750A but in the book it does not say how many turns out to start with the fuel screws. Shows how many for other models but not this one. Also, there is the solenoid attached to these carbs. Well, the two wires were cut and I cannot seem to find...
  17. C

    Rear Tire Size

    Looking to get a new rear tire for my 72. Current size is a stock 4.00-18". The front is a Dunlop 404. I want to match that tire because I like the look of it compared to the stock type tire. I see the Dunlop 404 in a 120-18. Would I have any problems with that size? Any recommendations...
  18. S

    Clean out gas tank.

    Maybe just a repeat of something already posted but I found a pretty good way to clean out the gas tank on a well maintained machine. If the tank has been left for a long time and looks pretty bad inside, I can't help you. On a good machine put a little gas in or leave what fuel is in it already...
  19. G

    Candy ruby red paint wanted

    My 1970 Honda 750 is candy ruby red color, and I would like to try and paint the side panels candy ruby red. Just wondering if anybody has ever used a certain brand aerosol can that is close to this color. This will just be a quick fix for now as I am planning to do a proper paint job on the...
  20. K

    Regulator / Pickup Issue / Question

    So working on getting this 78 cb750a up and running. Had it running with the choke on. Then went to test some loose wires with my multimeter trying to find where the solenoid on the carbs plug into on the harness (solenoid plugs cut off). So looking through the repair manual the color...
  21. Beasty

    My Frankenbike

    I was late to actual street motorcycling. In my early youth I was pretty poor, and rode friends dirt bikes, and all my friends rode street bikes later. I could never affrod one as a recreational thing until; my late 20's, by then I was married, and it seemed my dream of riding was always...
  22. Terry Carter

    Not sure about the year of my bike

    Just bought a 1971 or 1972 cb750. Engine serial and frame serial come up as 1972 but was registered as a 1971. So if I wanted to purchase a whole new wiring harness would it make a difference ? Comments and opinions welcome. Thanks in advance
  23. Beasty

    Rejetting my Frankenbike...

    Several years ago, I purchased a box o'parts of a CB750 chopper (true chopper. '77 CB750F frame cut up to rake neck, forks for the 750F with 6" longer tubes). The engine it came with is a CB750K with a set of '77 CB750K Keihin Carbs. Had to do a complete rebuild of the Carbs as they were so...
  24. B

    Amen savior frames

    Are all amen savior frames made for Hondas
  25. H

    Rear Caliper seal upgrade to Dot5

    Hello all, I’m building this 78 CB750. For the rear brakes it has a Honda caliper and a HD Sportster master cylinder. The master cylinder calls for Dot5. I had brakes for one day now the caliper seal is disintegrating, so it seems. Older Honda's require Dot3 and is not compatible with Dot5. Can...
  26. F

    1977 CB750F Super Sport Carburetor rebuild

    Hi there friends, new to the forum. Tried a quick search, couldn't find an existing topic. I bought a Super Sport a week ago for very little money, and it starts first time (kick) but runs fairly rough. It only really runs on choke, even when warmed up. I'm pretty sure the guy left gas in it...
  27. B

    Carb Suggestions - 81 CB750 w/ Drag Pipes

    Looking for some “expert” carburetor/exhaust advice for my 81 CB750. I know drag pipes going to kill some performance but I’m hoping to find a way for bike to run as well as possible with the pipes. From my reading on this forum and talking to Cycle X, it sounds like running the stock carbs is...
  28. Hondaman78

    Leaking oil from exhaust

    Ok so my 1978 Honda 750F is spraying oil from cylinder number 3 exhaust and I have no idea where it’s coming from, I thought maybe a valve seal but I’ve heard that a valve seal wouldn’t leak that much. Please help!
  29. P

    Hey Ya'll, I am getting ready to rebuild a 1970 CB-750 engine. Bottom up.

    I have the code for the crankshaft main and connecting rod bearings. And I think the case codes. Does anyone know where I can get the correct bearings? I know from hard experience that you have to match the codes. particularly on the older engines. I had the crank measured and evaluated and...
  30. J

    1971 honda cb 750 shifting problem

    My 71 cb 750 has a hard time shifting from 2nd to 3rd ,I took off the side case and the shift shaft arm has a lot of play is this normal or could that be problem thanks jerry