76 K6 carb sync questions


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So, although the bike runs fine, I’d like to check the sync is done proper. The compression is checked good, the electronic ignition is spot on and the top end is new and correctly done. So I did a refresh on the carbs because the #2 slow jet was not completely clear. all carbs clear and floats set correctly. The bike starts and runs fine but..,..I’d like to do this procedure to fine tune the carbs. I read as many links here but I didn’t find what I needed. The Honda manual references the big carb slide stop screw on the side of the carbs which these K6 carbs don’t have, So correctly if I am wrong on syncing these K6 carbs:

- ensure bike is warmed up first.
- Idle mixture screws, 1 turn out.
- Set the carb slide adjuster screw, one thread exposed on all carbs, have the lock nut loosened?
-connect the 4 vacuum gauges.
- start bike, idle should be 850-950 RPM.
-Adjust the top adjuster of the carb (s) that are not showing sync on the vacuum gauges at idle.
-turn the one big idle screw that adjusts the idle of all carbs at once to 3000 RPM. Re-adjust the top slide screw of the carbs that arte not synced,
(same as the idle vacuum adjustments but at 3000 RPM.)
- Once carbs show synced on vacuum gauge, adjust mixture, (air pilot) screws one at a time 1/8 turn and wait. Adjust as needed to
point of idle peaks then back out to the rich side by 1/8-1/4 turn?

Is this close?

Thanks in advance,