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1976 K6 Front Wheel and Fork Alignment


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Let me describe the bike and situation. Bike is a '76 K6 with 7,000 miles and stored poorly were some rust accumulated from sitting (1988-2012). On the right side there is some damage; front directional bent and scraped, headlight bracket pushed in, tachometer housing dented and scraped, headlight rim dented and front brake hydraulic cap scraped, handle bar right side bent (about an inch downward). Gas tank has no damage at all. I'm not sure if the bike was in a small accident and that is what prompted the owner to park it (got scared of it) or perhaps the bike fell over (or something fell on it) and caused this damage. I'll replace the handle bars and other items, the front wheel alignment is noticibly off, the wheel points to the left when the tree appears straight.

1. Is there a way to adjust front wheel alignment (bending, etc)? Can this be a simple as securing the front wheel and forcibly moving the handlebars to bring back into alignment? Is using a pipe between the forks and bending considered acceptable?
2. How can I determine if any of the tree components are bent? The top appears to be a significant casting where it would take a serious accident (force) to bend it and the evidence does not indicate such an impact.
3. Looking for handle bars, there appears to be OEM for 69-71 and 72 and after that they stop (just custom drag, etc). Can anyone tell me the differance between the early bars and later ones? Measuring mine I have: width: 31", Rise: 6 1/2, pull backback: 8 inches, with 7/8 diameter. Width and Rise measurements seem fairly obvious, but how is pull back measured, from the front rise plane to the end tips? The question goes to maybe I didn't measure mine correctly. The '72 OEM has a shorter rise (which i don't like) which leaves me with just the 69-71 OEM as the closest replacement. I'm trying to stay as stock as possible.
4. When I pulled off the bars and removed the left grip, there was a shiny adhesive decal on the bar: INTER-AM Bike Supplies INC. Does anyone recognize the name of this company? I would not expect to see such a decal on a stock OEM set of bars leading me to beleive that maybe these were replaced as some point. Any opinions??