1. WhiteWidow

    Fork Oil - capacity's & type

    Having issues when braking, I feel a CHUG/VOID in compression of fork when braking. Looking @ the factory specs. I noticed oil type is not shown. I've heard that heavy viscosity automotive oils can be used. I've also noticed on this chart that the amount of oil varies from assembly to...
  2. N

    Engine/Crash Guard for 1980 CB750C

    I’m having a hard time finding the compatible engine guards for the 1980 CB750 Custom bike. And a reliable retailer that can ship to/within the US. Has anyone had any luck in this department?
  3. J

    Brake parts

    Can someone suggest where in Aus is the best to get front brake caliper kits for a 1979 CB750K? Very confusing information on line, as I would like to get pad pins, seals and banjo washers.
  4. titoplane

    1975 CB 750 Tires

    Hello guys I would like to know which brand of tires you would suggest for my 1975 750. I`m interested more on grip than durability. I just bought the bike and have not received it yet. I used to have a 1971 Honda Cb 750 when I lived in Germany in the early 70`s and...
  5. J

    Steering lock

    Hello all, I got a 1979 Honda CB 750k (Fancy-schmancy 10th anniversary edition) Anyway i’ve never been able to get the steering lock to work properly. Essentially I turn the wheel all the way to the left press down on the key and attempt to turn it to the lock position and it just does not...
  6. J

    Sprockets and cruising revs

    I have just purchased a 1979 CB750K police spec and would like to know what a standard machines revs are at 100kmph? Also what recommended sprockets are for cruising.
  7. D

    Brake Caliper Seals

    Good day, I'm new on here, but not new to bikes and have worked a fair bit on Honda CBs. I have an 82 CB900F in the garage at the moment. Pretty much a rebuild as it hasn't ran since 08. I took the calipers apart and cleaned them and bought new seals from the Honda dealer. The kits were from...
  8. S

    1983 suzuki gs750 forks and swing arm swap

    Hello everyone, I'm curious if anyone has done this swap or not onto a sohc cb750? I have a somewhat complete 83 gs750 and am wanting to swap parts to my 70 cb750. Thanks for all advice
  9. S

    What is this thing called I need to find a new bolt for it.

    I’m getting frustrated because everything I try to search to find the bolt size is showing me the wrong stuff.
  10. W

    Spoke rims to Comstar swap

    I'm thinking about buying Comstar rims for my 1980 Honda CB750K, it currently has spoke rims. Has anyone done this? I trying to figure out if Comstar rims from a CB750C would fit. My plan would be to paint the rims gold. I've seen some gold Comstar rims for sale already but they are selling for...
  11. S

    Lowering bike height for shorter rider

    Hi I have a 1982 custom and I am trying to lower it about an inch so that I can walk the bike easier. I’m 5’4. I am aware I probably need to go aftermarket but if I can lower it without that would be great. Any help appreciated.
  12. C

    Rear Tire Size

    Looking to get a new rear tire for my 72. Current size is a stock 4.00-18". The front is a Dunlop 404. I want to match that tire because I like the look of it compared to the stock type tire. I see the Dunlop 404 in a 120-18. Would I have any problems with that size? Any recommendations...
  13. B

    Amen savior frames

    Are all amen savior frames made for Hondas
  14. M


    top triple tree bracket for a 1972 honda cb 750..... currently looking for one, for anyone who has one to sell
  15. S

    Were the OEM shocks gas-charged?

    Honda's service manual says the OEM shocks for my 1980 K were charged with gas. I'd like to know whether, if I drill them from the bottom to replace the oil, they'd need to be gas-charged after refilling. If that's the case I do have the tools for that but would need to buy one of those fancy...
  16. O

    1972 / 1973 parts interchange

    Is the ‘72 and ‘73 fork bridge and speedo/tach the same? What overall parts are different between the two years? Thanks
  17. D

    oil tanks

    are 77 and 78 oil tanks the same
  18. S

    Frame damage possibly?/cb750F 1982

    Hey there lads, I have a CB750F bol d'or from 1982 and after removing the tank today I notice a bracket did not align well. Upon inspection I can't say if the frame is bent or if it is badly welded. The motorcycle had an accident and the front forks are slightly bent. the same side has some...
  19. R

    Bleeder screw size (1980 CB750 Super Sport)

    Guys do you know the size of the front and rear bleeder screws? Thread in mm length in mm Both front and rear bleeders on my 750 are completely frozen, bike was stored for 15+ years Tried every trick to remove them without success (heating, brute force, etc) I will probably need to drill and...
  20. W


    what would be the best material to use to install a new handle bar oem rubber grip.thanks
  21. EMM

    How to raise rear suspension 1979 Cb750 dohc

    I've been all over the internet looking for rear shocks for my scrambler build. I haven't been able to find anything. Is there anyway I could adjust the frame of my bike to accept a wider variety of shocks? I see that the OEM shock setup is one eyelet and a fork that attaches to the frame. Most...
  22. S

    CB750F suspension forks front switch

    Hey there guys, I recently bought a CB750F from 1982 and it will be my first build ever! I'mvery stoked and pleased! The bike I bought has damaged front forks, thae motorcycle had a minor accident and they are slightly bent in one side. I want to replace the front forks and rear shocks with new...
  23. EMM

    Suspension advice for Scrambler build

    I’m building my 1979 CB750L into a scrambler. This is my first bike and have been doing mounds and mounds of research learning as much as I can and planning a roadmap for the build. But by far, the most dizzying aspect of the build has been figuring out what to do for suspension. I want to to...
  24. B

    1982 CB750 F fork tube mystery

    Hey all. I am working on putting my 750 back in use after being dormant for a while. Besides all other stuff you all are aware of I am trying to get new TNK fork tubes for the the bike since original ones have some pitting, not terrible but why not replace them if /while they are available. Well...
  25. G

    What year is this frame.

    I have access to a frame for a cb and believe its a 1972.can anyone confirm.thanks rob.Frame number is CB750k-2850195
  26. Bmb2492

    '82 750 nighthawk suspension questions???

    So I have a nighthawk and see very little on here about these. It has sit for 29 years and I got it running. But I'm looking for rear shocks and maybe a different front suspension. Does anyone know the rear shock specs and will parts interchange between this model and the s/f/k bikes?
  27. G

    1970 honda cb 750

    I have recently purchased, they’re very cheap 1970 Honda 750. There is no serial number on the frame. The guy that I purchased it from said that a year after he got it the frame was all bent from an accident and was replaced by Honda and they did not put a serial number on it. I do have the...
  28. P

    1982 CB750(C/F/K) Swing Arm Dimensions

    Hi all, I'm looking for the dimensions of the rear wheel and swing arm from a 1982 Honda CB750F. I want to compare the differences of the 750 rear wheel and swing arm dimensions with the rear wheel and swing arm from my '82 CB650SC as I'd like to see if they can be used to perform a rear disc...
  29. M

    1972 cb750 rear wheel bearings

    gday all.....i have a 1972 cb750/4 and i wanted to replace the rear wheel bearings .... all 3 of them....the question is what is the best way to remove the two bearings that are on the wheel itself and the 3rd one on the there a quick and easy way?
  30. Mud99

    Fork piston seal

    I'm rebuilding my forks with new springs and fork seals. But I can't find any where to buy the flat split seals for the piston in the forks. Bike is a 76 750f any leads??? Thanks in advance