1. W

    Difficulties finding carburetor fuel inlet

    Hello, I recently bought a 1977 cb750 k7, however, the fuel lines weren't connected. It looks like the carburetors have two inlets on top, but I can't find which one connects to the fuel tank or if both have to be connected. Could anyone point out what each inlet is used for?
  2. S

    1981 cb750k parts interchangeable with cb900

    hello in australia needing help with knowing what parts from a cb900 will fit a 1981 cb750k, just got myself an excop bike complete in rough shape from sitting for 4 years but it runs, needs tune . biggest problem is the 4 into 4 mufflers a trash, eaten through, looking for replacement that...
  3. R

    Frame paint brand and color

    I am restoring a 1974 K4 and need to touch up same frame scratchers, what's paint will match the original factory black best? Tks in advance.
  4. D

    Restore 1992 Nighhawk, worth it?

    I can pick up this 1992 Nighthawk for a few hundred. It's has a 2018 sticker on the plate. Check out these pics from my Google Drive and let me know if you guys think it's worth me restoring it. Dave.
  5. H

    CB750F1 Torque Link Hardware and Other Questions

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a 76 CB750F that is, unfortunately, missing some important hardware. I am missing parts 48, 28, 63, and 62 in the first attachment. These parts are the mounting hardware for the rear caliper torque link. I'm missing that hardware for the front mount and I can...
  6. Luis Etchenique

    '79 CB750F Super Sport / Engine Finish

    The engine of my restoration functions well, and all it needs is to recover its original shine. This is the silver-painted version, but I'm not interested in re-painting; can I soda-blast the engine as a unit ? ( engine has been removed from frame ). All openings ( exhausts, carbs, etc ) have...
  7. B

    New Member Here

    I am an old retired guy located in Fredericksburg, Va. who enjoys bringing vintage Japanese and British machines back to life as a hobby. Just wanted to say hello and will be trying to find my way around the site to steal ideas, look for parts, and hopefully maybe contribute something. A...
  8. B

    Just bought an abandoned project 1980 cb 750

    Hi Guys, Don't know what happened to my first post, got lost with the password. Cut a long / short, is a workshop manual available for down load or do I have to buy another Clymer ? Advice appreciated. Cheers. JMB WA
  9. B

    Just bought an abandoned project 1980 cb 750

    Hi Guys, New to this forum but not new to bikes. I have just picked up the subject bike which has been standing for around four years under cover. The PO had dreams of making a caf racer out of it and stripped it to rolling frame with engine....all bits are with the bike. I'm not sure yet what I...
  10. F

    Nuts/bolts kit?

    Does anyone know of any complete kits for new nuts, bolts, and washers? I'm specifically looking for a 1980 CB750F. I've found some kits for specific assemblies (like these, but pretty much all of my nuts and...
  11. K

    I a m restoring a 1981 Honda CB 750 K

    I am buying a 1980 Honda CB 750 C. for parts. Will body panels,Tank etc fit ? Bike is in pretty much excellent shape .Carbs syncd, etc, Engine broke a Cam gear so what is involved in getting engine repaired although I don"t need Motor.Has good title so I figured what I don"t use I can part...
  12. G

    newbie here

    Hello all . . . Just got a line on a 1977 CB750K for sale in my hometown . . . owner is asking $3700. I went to look at it . . . it barely runs and leaks gas pretty bad. Sounds like it's been sitting so I'm sure I'm up for carb rebuilds. Seems to be in decent shape cosmetically, just can't...
  13. G

    77 CB 750 Supersport engine rebuld

    Does anyone have a good how to for an engine rebuild for 77 CB 750 engine. I need to do a top end . But if need to pull engine and such might as well do full rebuild. Also could use a recommendation for engine work on heads and valves. Thanks Great forum. Greg
  14. E

    Broken Throttle Arm Connection

    Rebuilding 1981 CB750K. Rebuilt the carbs and reinstalled on the bike. Now I realize somewhere in the project I broke one of the arms off the throttle arm that holds the pull cable Now it will not secure. Have not found the broken arm piece. Not a replaceable part. Any suggestions are welcome!
  15. B

    How do these bearings look

    This is my first go at an engine rebuild and Im torn on if I should replace both rod and main bearings. Engine had 36k miles with low compression on all cylinders. I believe these are the original bearings as they still have their green and brown markings on them and I haven't seen too much to...
  16. Y

    Good Carb Rebuild Kit Suggestions

    Does any one have a carb rebuild kit they would recommend. It's for my 1976 CB750-K.
  17. O

    Idle runaway when I blip the throttle

    I recently finished rebuilding a 1982 CB750C; body, electrical, engine, carb, etc. I fired it up for the first time the other day and boom - she came to life. That was cool. Everything seems to be okay except for a problem with the idle/throttle. I can start the bike and it idles okay, but when...
  18. P

    Just got a free one!!!

    So a friend was looking to get rid of a "mystery" bike. I had no idea what it was. For free, just needed it out of the yard or it was going to the dump. It ran a year ago, sat outside this winter in VT. It was mild. He just wanted to pass it on to make it useful. I said at the least I...
  19. J

    71 cb 750 question

    Does anyone know if the two coils on my 71 cb 750 can be rebuilt? When I say that, I mean can the coil wires be replaced? Im aware the boot end comes off, but does the other end of the lead twist off the coil? Regards......
  20. O

    Cam chain tensioner spring rubber tubes

    Does anyone know why the springs on the cam chain tensioners A and B have rubber tubes over them? I am wondering if I can put the engine head back together without these - they are hard to find. 1982 Honda CB750 Engine.
  21. P

    New member, 1981 CB750K

    I haven't rode for a while. When I was 14-15 I used to "borrow" my father's Honda 750, it must have been a 73 or 74. Great memories. Found a 1981 CB750K with 18K miles on it. Rode it home, but I want to get a fuel filter on it before I ride again. The seller let me know that he pulled it to get...
  22. A

    1974 CB750

    So I'm new to the CB750. I've restored a KZ900 and am currently working on a CBX, so have some experience. There is a 74 CB750 near me with 11k in what is described as very good original condition. The pictures back that up, but to do a full nuts and bolts restore will cost way more than it's...
  23. T

    Slowly dying at idle with rough running.

    I have a stock '79 that I have been slowly working on as time allows. After an extensive amount of work overhauling the electrical, suspension, wheels, and tires I am tackling the carbs/engine. Behavior: Immediately starts with choke. Begins revving high immediately. Turn choke to 25% and bike...
  24. I

    Oh no, I need a new SOHC cylinder/barrel

    Short version: I need a CB750 K4 barrel, I’m based in the UK! Long version: I’m new to this, I bought a CB750 K4 restoration project on eBay. The engine was seized, it felt like an achievement to get it apart. One of the cylinders was badly corroded and so I sent the barrel to get a rebore...
  25. L

    1980 cb750k, with 1981 motor, need carb O-ring & jet sizes

    Getting ready to ditch the pods, and go back to the OEM airbox. I will be going thru the carbs again, want to double check a few things. When I rebuilt them the first time, the O-rings for the fuel cut offs were the wrong size, diameter was ok but the cross sectional thickness was thinner...
  26. C

    1980 CB750 Custom Restoration- Let the Games Begin

    All, Just thought I would introduce myself to the forum. Just picked up a basket base 1980 Custom that will be my next restoration project. Recently finished a restoration of another 80's classic, a 1984 Yamaha XS650. I would post pics of it but not sure the die hard Honda folks want a...
  27. C

    !980 CB750 Custom Restoration- Let the Games Begin

    Duplicate. Moved to Builds. Please delete
  28. W

    What model tires are you running and why?

    I'm looking to replace the tires on my '78 750F and am looking for recommendations. Currently, my top pics are the Bridgestone BT45, Michelin Pilot Activ and Avon AM26, anyone have any thoughts?
  29. W

    I bought a 1978 CB750F yesterday, thought I would start with a muffler

    This is my first post so please let me know of any etiquette infractions. I bought my first Honda, a 1978 CB750F, yesterday. It's in pretty good shape all things considered but I thought I would start with a muffler to keep the neighbors at bay. I don't necessarily need OEM but I would like to...
  30. J

    Dynatek ignition question.......

    I’m hoping with some experience, that some one can lead me in the right direction. I’ve got a 71 CB 750 K1 with new Keihin carbs and new Dynatek Ignition. My question is do I have to change my spark plugs to a larger gap being high energy ignition? When I’m riding it, the top end is scary good...