Clean out gas tank.

Stan C

Stan C
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Maybe just a repeat of something already posted but I found a pretty good way to clean out the gas tank on a well maintained machine. If the tank has been left for a long time and looks pretty bad inside, I can't help you. On a good machine put a little gas in or leave what fuel is in it already but not so much as you could not remove the tank and shake it around easily. I recommend about one liter or a quarter gallon for you U.S.A. people. When you are at this stage, shake the tank in a horizontal position and gradually move the front of the tank upwards while still shaking it to a vertical position. While still shaking moderately, turn the tank 90 degrees front from skyward to front facing the horizon. You should now be holding the tank with the (possible reserve) gas tap pointing straight down. While still shaking, slowly rotate the tank back into it's regular position.
Now you can position the tank in such a way that you can shine a flashlight on the bottom of the tank to see if there is any debris on the bottom. To remove the debris on the bottom, a small or large siphon hose can be used to suck up the debris into a container and disposed of. The Honda CB 750 and many others like it are very susceptible to dirty fuel, and vintage models need to have new properly gapped plugs and good heavy duty ignition wires.