New improvement fix on leaky float seats on Honda cb750k

Steve 750

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Hello fellow cb750 fans. I posted a thread to this approach a while back that addressed the issue of debris in float seats in carbs on most float type carbs. But I think this would apply on all fuel system With fuel injection you have no float, but still need to be aware that loose particles can still close passages on all fuel injection systems and carbureted engines. So this leads to the fact that filtration means a lot in this problem and I installed a in line filter on my 1978 Honda cb750k. But the main thing to remember to not use a filter with a paper type or brown type filtration material. The reason for that is with all of the additives that have been allowed some contain damaging ingredients that will dissolve the material that will get into the fuel float system and cause leaky carbs. The idea is to make sure you have a high quality filtration material like brass or stainless. The fuel petcock contains a filter built in and you have no idea if the filter material has broken down and most petcock filters had their round filter mesh removed. So I use a see through inline filter with a quality metal filter that you can see just what this filter filters out. If you do get a clog you can back wash filter housing with a solvent that will wash trapped debris, but you have to remove filter housing while back washing to prevent particles from staying in fuel line and plugging the filter later. I just change out my inline filter when I feel like it has no usefulness from the crappy fuel that contains ethanol and material that makes it through the fuel petcock.