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82 cb750c build plan and questions.


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Hi, new member and new cb owner. I just picked up this 1982 cb750c and am ready to build it to my liking. The bike is going to be used to commute 5 miles to my workplace daily, on an empty country road. No city driving or long trips.

i have a lot of experience building cars and motors, not so much with bikes. still learning where to find the best parts, etc. i'm no stranger to fab work and plan to make the bike what I want it to be.

i have some minor modifications I want to do to improve the look of the bike so I'm sold on it. AFAIK nothing major has ever been done to the bike, it only has 6k on it and the frame is stock.


I already plan on welding a suitable frame loop and building a custom seat and fairing. No real questions there. Seat is largely going to resemble a 70s 750f.

I want to swap out the Comstars for spokes. I know a lot of people like the Comstars but they don't do it for me. Not sure what bikes or sites I should look at to find a set of wheels that will replace them, any help is appreciated.

I plan on running M bars on it, they look like a good blend of looks, comfort and performance.

I'd like to swap the tank out for something a bit less teardrop shaped and get something more angular, like an f tank. If anyone knows where to source a cheap repro or otherwise, please let me know.

I have a lot more questions in store as I tear into it but right now I just want to get the aesthetics right. Thanks for checking out my thread.
Fantastic bike. In terms of spoked wheels I know exactly what you mean. I’ve got rid of my ‘79 comstars and have replaced with a CB750 rear spoked wheel with drum brake (eBay) and I’m getting a GSXR spoked wheel made up as I did a front end swap - BSpoke Wheels (UK based) are doing it as Cognito Moto in the US would have landed me with import tax.

As I said, you have a great looking bike. Will be interesting to see how it progresses.
It’s too nice to mess with.
It’s a survivor.
Don’t do it.
If anything, bring it back to OEM as close as you can.

Buy a beater, save a wreck. Paint your picture from something one step from a parts bike.
A mongrel is a mongrel.

But that my friend, is a survivor.
Do the right thing.
Don’t do it.
Hell yeah!!! Change the seat cover, anything different than that diamond pattern. The engine and pipes should not be black. That front fender is wrong. The brake hoses are a mile too long. There's a beautiful retro bike under those terrible choices.
Yeah, the Comstars, there must be a way to make them more something. They don't even grow on you. If it makes these bikes easier to get........I can live with that.
Yeah, but if, like me, you like 'em, you like 'em.
Another vote for restoration over customization here.