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'79 CB750F SS -- 4 into 2 exhaust fabrication

'Although it might look simple, to get the correct radii on the bends was tricky stuff.'

Amen, BTDT..........
Any progress update on this project?

yes, Sir -- happy to report project was recently completed 🏁
Is fabricating the only way to go for the 4 into 2 system? I'm looking for an a exhaust system for my 1983 CB750F (RC04). I've searched a heap of web sites - found a few second hand ones but i am hoping to find a new one.. need a 4 into 2 configuration .. Im in Australia. But doesnt matter - will order / pay from anywhere...

any help greatly appreciated..
In think vanes and Hines made them, and so did Mac exhaust. But neither do anymore. You'll have to buy used, I think.