4 into 2 dilemma, kickstand mount trouble

Giampa Booja

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Iwakuni, Japan
A friend gave me a set of 4 into 2 pipes off his 750 F. I thought they would look/be/sound better that the raggedy-a 4 into 4 on my '82 750 Custom.

After getting the bike up on the centerstand, I removed the kickstand and old 4/4s.

Got the 4/2 in place, nothing snugged down, checking the cross pipe clearance under the oil pan and what it was going to take to support the tail end of the pipes.

Then, noticed that the location of the kickstand mount was blocked by the number 1 pipe. See photo. Thought I could fabricate a rigid plate to install there that would move the kickstand mount just outboard of the number 1 pipe.
I have seen some 750Fs on youtube with no kickstand, centerstand only, and some with kickstand and 4 into 1 pipes.

Any thoughts?

Other options
1. clean up old pipes and re-install
2. buy new 4 int 1 set from Dime City
3. go without kickstand and use centerstand only.
CB750 4 into 2 trial fit.jpg
CB750 Custom with 4 into 2 kickstand problem.jpg
I say, if you can get her up on the center stand with out to much effort, go with it!
If you really want a kick, look at custom stand with an alternate mounting location.
B423Grim, Thanks for the get-back, and that's just about what I was thinking, too. I'm going to try and fabricate a small steel plate that will extend the kickstand outboard just a bit. I'll keep you posted.